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Traffic Slam 3 Unity Games Play Online
Traffic Slam 3 unity

Traffic Slam 3 Unity Games Play Online

Are you ready to plunge into the world of destruction and explosions? Car or a school bus - for this game is not important, because it's Traffic Slam 3 on unity in which you can play for free online. So what? The first time you have reached this page? And do not know about this game? You missed a lot because the Traffic Slam 3 is one of the few games with amazing graphics and physics. You can choose between different versions of the game, and the different levels. Blast everything that you see - destroy the city and compare them with the earth. After all, this game is created in order to break and destroy all around. The stunning explosions and adorable graphics will impress even the most demanding gamer. Complicated turns, the sea of ​​fire and smoke - that's what you will see in this game. Your task is one - cause as much damage to the city, undermine bridges and tall buildings, highways and cars are passing by. Use ramps and collect coins - they will be useful for you to upgrade your car.

The game is published on the website:
 For a comfortable game on your computer must be installed Unity Web Player

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