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Total Wreckage Crash Game Unity Games Play Online
Total Wreckage Crash Game unity

Total Wreckage Crash Game Unity Games Play Online

Crank the engine - it's time crash their opponents. Machinery unity - are willing to give you the opportunity to play for real. This game is not for the weak - because here there is a real derby for survival. Do you like the crash and crumpled iron? Do you like when the car ram each other - you have found the perfect game for it. You give a special machine with a reinforced safety cage, you will put on a helmet and all the necessary accouterments - safety always takes the first place. Want to figure out how to neutralize their enemies? - Try to bump into them at full speed and neutralize their engines, because the car goes only up to the moment when she will run the engine. Recommended after the race to hold the full maintenance of their cars, change oil, candles, rock the wheel and making error diagnostics engine. From the interior of the machine removed all superfluous - everything that can harm the heavier car or the driver. If you liked the game - PUSH buttons of social networks.

The game is published on the website:
 For a comfortable game on your computer must be installed Unity Web Player

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