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Bow Master Japan Shooting Unity Games Play Online
Bow Master Japan Shooting unity

Bow Master Japan Shooting Unity Games Play Online

You go to Japan to train in archery. Ahead you will find a large variety of targets, and quite beautiful and realistic world. Archery has always fascinated and attracted by its simplicity, this ancient skill that has remained virtually everyone in the blood for a long time. After all, a bow and arrow - a primitive weapon, which resulted in the carrying out of competitions. Previously, with bow and arrow we went hunting, but now our time to hunt is not necessary, all you need can be bought in store. A hunting instincts were so urgently take up the bow and run to train. For exact hit in the center of the target you get 500 eyes, with the eyes of an ordinary hit 200. For a miss you will not get anything. Home relax and have fun. If you like this game - make sure you tell your friends about it. The fascinating world of entertainment and waiting just for you rather nock and shoot targets and ducks gain experience you just can go to the competition.

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 For a comfortable game on your computer must be installed Unity Web Player

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