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Terms and Conditions

All games on the site are taken from open sources and they for your personal non-commercial use. Placement those games online is done without changing the source code of the game, as well as keeped all the links of the owner flash games. All the text materials, descriptions of games, articles etc. are our property and are protected by copyright. Copy and grafting material is strictly prohibited.

To Copyright Holders

If you have any questions about any material posted on the website, or you are owner of the copyright of material placed on the site and do not wish that they be published on the site, please let us know be sending email, we will support you at any stage. On your side is required to provide all the necessary documents and information confirming your copyrights, and specify the page of the site violates copyright. Thereafter, if your ownership will be confirmed, these materials will be removed from the site.


If you have any questions about advertising on the site or business proposal, please send es email if your proposal make us interested, we will contact you soon.

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