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Go to the game section of the babysitter on our website and immerse yourself in the delicate vanilla world of diapers, raspashonok, teats, bottles and rattles. Here you will learn a lot of useful and interesting, and will be able to help your parents, if they one day decide to have a real brother or sister.

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Girl POU - bath day Girl POU - bath day
Baby on a picnic Baby on a picnic
Caring for baby 2 Caring for baby 2
Newborn baby Newborn baby
Care for little Anna Care for little Anna
Baby hazel - beach party Baby hazel - beach party
Care for baby Elsa Care for baby Elsa
Cute baby Cute baby
Cute baby Cute baby
The daily care of the child 2 The daily care of the child 2
Swaddling the baby Swaddling the baby
Little fairy Little fairy
Preparing baby for a hike to the beach Preparing baby for a hike to the
Feeding the little monster Feeding the little monster
Little Jasmine Little Jasmine
Baby Frankie Baby Frankie
Baby Emma - bath and care Baby Emma - bath and care
The problem with kids The problem with kids
The love of children The love of children
Baby bathing Baby bathing
Dirty kids Dirty kids
Royal baby Royal baby
Winter child care Winter child care
Baby Snow White Baby Snow White
Child care Child care
Baby Barbie bedtime Baby Barbie bedtime
Candy for the baby Candy for the baby
My baby is 2 My baby is 2
My little angel child care My little angel child care
Baby Daisy - bathing time Baby Daisy - bathing time
The care of the baby The care of the baby
Happy child Happy child
Baby Elsa Baby Elsa
Baby Daisy - diaper change Baby Daisy - diaper change
Super nanny Super nanny
Kindergarten Kindergarten

It so happens that in the family there is a small child, and parents do not always find time and energy to nurture it And then come to the aid of older brothers and sisters who are always ready to look after your kid, feed it, play, change diaper and give parents a chance to get some rest from everyday worries Games Babysitting is a huge range of flash games online where you need to show all their best qualities: responsibility, patience, care and compassion You will learn how to handle infants and care to care for babies, that will certainly be useful to you in adult iznesenie nanoagent famous nanny is one of the most popular professions of Modern women work a lot and a little at home, and that the nanny is caring for young children: preparing their Lunches, reading stories, bathes, plays and displays on a walk the Most famous nannies of today are: Mary Poppins, Lady Perfection, invented by the English writer Pamela Travers, now 80 years remains the most desirable nanny of all times and peoples Her shoes are always perfectly polished, apron crunches and the hairstyle stacked hair to hair she always get into adventures and learn important things – not be afraid of change bracken's Side is Overweight, loud, but at the same time very charming miss Bock invented by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren In the book about Carlson's it was referred to as "household maniac", but by the end of the narrative pretty babysitter dobreet and even getting married With her, do not fear any bandits, and the house was always food and order