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I have long wanted to get a dog, but for some reason there is no possibility to make the dream a reality? There is another option. You can open games about dogs online to care, to educate and train the online pet. Test yourself how good you are the owner, right now!

Boost up project by clicking
Dirty dog Dirty dog
Salon for puppies Salon for puppies
Small Labrador Small Labrador
Summer puppies Summer puppies
Caring for puppies Caring for puppies
The Princess and the puppy The Princess and the puppy
Nail salon for animals Nail salon for animals
Caring for Labradors Caring for Labradors
Valentine hearts Valentine hearts
Beautiful puppy Beautiful puppy
Chihuahua Chihuahua
Animal shelter Animal shelter
The trip with the pup The trip with the pup
Dasha - caring for animals Dasha - caring for animals
Cat and dog kissing Cat and dog kissing
Spa salon for dogs Spa salon for dogs
Cute puppies Hannah Cute puppies Hannah
Frisbee in the Park Frisbee in the Park
A spoiled puppy A spoiled puppy
Ice cream for your loved puppy Ice cream for your loved puppy
Smart poodle Smart poodle
Super vet Super vet
Time dogs Time dogs
Pet grooming Pet grooming
House my dog House my dog
Maui Maui
Run Volt run Run Volt run
Super dog Super dog
Hotel for dogs Hotel for dogs
My cute puppy My cute puppy
Vet saves puppy Vet saves puppy
The birth of dogs The birth of dogs
Doggy at the dentist Doggy at the dentist
Treat puppy Treat puppy
Ben at the dentist Ben at the dentist
Puppy doctor Puppy doctor

Our best friends moved into the virtual world! And now the game is about dogs available in your browser – just make a couple clicks and begin an incredible adventure in which the main characters are our favorite pitomcia about dogs: a fun, useful and exciting!The principle tasks of the application can be divided into several categories: to comb, to feed and to buy – even online-Pets need care! And these games are about dogs will help instill in girls and boys responsible for his Internet friend Perhaps, if they show their results to parents and their house is going to be a real dog, because they prove they can take care of the new family member; choose an outfit – these games about dogs to encourage a sense of great taste and fun to spend a few free hours Imagine that you are preparing your pet for an important event or just going out for a walk Your dog must match your image and fit the image already formed So choose the right outfits, make your pet evoked enthusiastic cheers, and received compliments from others; to conduct training so the dog was smart and instantly respond to commands, and the danger of certain situations, you need to teach her that is the task you must perform when you open the game about dog training But there are some genres and games about dogs, which are presented in this section: puzzles – collect the whole picture from a few fragments to see what the dog was hiding from you in this game; race is most often in the role of a pet are the husky, and you need to manage a whole flock of these amazing animals to deftly maneuver among snow drifts, These fun games about dogs will leave an indelible mark in your bottom, giving positive and bright impressions! tests – determine what type of dog is right for you, will you be able to handle her care and get answers to other important questions, running the special game about dogs They are colorful and interesting tests, which may have the most unexpected results Choose a game about dogs and spend a few hours enjoying the openness and activity of these wonderful Pets!