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In ancient times, people with great enthusiasm examined the sky. They believed that there, in heaven, the gods live, which determine their future life. Unfortunately, the people of that time, could watch everything that happens in the sky from the ground. Modern people it's hard to imagine life without air travel, as air transport requires comfort and saving time and money.

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Naval strike Naval strike
Beats in space Beats in space
Bomber at war 2 Bomber at war 2
Tunnel trip Tunnel trip
Skies of war Skies of war
Boeing 747 Parking Boeing 747 Parking
Submit your biplane Submit your biplane
Jet duel Jet duel
Hostile skies Hostile skies
Fire in the sky Fire in the sky
Heavenly fire Heavenly fire
The aircraft is called the defense The aircraft is called the defen
3D Stunt pilot - San Francisco, CA 3D Stunt pilot - San Francisco,
Modern air war Modern air war
Britain 1940 Britain 1940
F22 Raptor - Parking F22 Raptor - Parking
Stunt pilot 2 Stunt pilot 2
The burning sky The burning sky
Side war Side war
Tu - 46 Tu - 46
Tu - 95 Tu - 95
F18 Hornet F18 Hornet
Heaven dragon Heaven dragon
War in heaven War in heaven
Steam birds Steam birds
Air weapons Air weapons
Heavenly machine Heavenly machine
Battle Battle
Military bomber Military bomber
Celestial bird Celestial bird
The battle for Berlin The battle for Berlin
Aces Aces
Air force Air force
To rectify the situation To rectify the situation
Biplane bomber 2 Biplane bomber 2

With progress, people can now test themselves on extreme lifestyle to jump with a parachute it is Interesting that so many people developed a strong fear of heights Where can I get the plane to surf the heavenly spaces? How to learn to fly? How to overcome fear of heights? On all these questions there is a very good answer – games aircraft Games aircraft will allow you to become a qualified pilot, being at home in the warmth of These games will allow you to not only start flying in the air, properly controlling your plane, but also to engage in mortal combat with other military aircraft On our website we have selected best free games aircraft All you need is to define the game by choosing between a large passenger plane and maize, between military and passenger planes, between the military professional fighter and a flying saucer You can simply travel from one airport to another, look at the country and carry people at full speed to fly through the empty sky and frantic to get pleasure from flights, or take a military air transport and to engage in mortal combat with the game or other players over the network As you can see, the diversity is simply amazing Try each of the genres, and you will definitely be able to find something interesting for yourself Play a game for your interest, diluted with various missions and tasks, doing that, you will move from one level to another All the planes different year, you have the opportunity to fly a fighter plane during the Second world war or to fantasize a bit and choose the futuristic plane, which is a very long time will be done in real life All the games planes placed on our website is absolutely free and does not require a co-pay for the full version You can fly as much as you want, or until your head will spin from exciting and dynamic pirouettes or other interesting and dangerous stunts Start to fly and soon you will become real professional Design simultaneity aircraft consists of several parts, without which the release into the air will be impossible to Consider them? Wing Wing is a key part of any aircraft Without this part the impossible rise Wing attached to the fuselage, which we discuss below Each wing is equipped with the following mehanizacije: flaps, slats, spoilers, ailerons, spoilers are Those of mechanization allows you to control ground speed and takeoff parameters of the aircraft Fuselage the Fuselage is, roughly speaking, the body of the plane In this section all the technical part, the on-Board computer, cockpit, seats, technical staff and other Plumage the Plumage is special design, which is located in the front or the back of the plane and is responsible for ensuring that during the flight the aircraft was stable, controllable and balanced Chassis the Chassis is a well – known part of the plane, with which the several operations – takeoff and landing, Parking and Parking at the airport and, of course, taxiing Powerplant aircraft - engine - propulsion System avionics System on-Board control (or the on-Board computer) is a special technology, which is responsible for passing information data to the center Also to a complex system of onboard equipment includes the following systems: The navigation (NK), navigation and piloting (CDD) or sighting-navigation complex flight (Prnc) Autopilot (AP), automatic control system (ACS) or the complex of the equipment of automatic onboard control system (ABS) System equipment power units (SU) of the collision warning System on-Board power supply (BAS) anti-Icing system (FSS) Fire protection system (PPS) Instrumentation radio navigation equipment (RNO) Radio communication equipment (RDF) on-Board means of objective control (BSAC) Lighting equipment air-conditioning System (ACS) and high-Altitude life support and oxygen equipment rescue equipment Household equipment Each of these parts is very important for safe operation of the aircraft which is why, if you damaged one of these parts, you should immediately repair them airplane Game is really interesting, exciting and dynamic games that will allow you to try yourself in the role of pilot Not procrastinate – start the game the plane now and have a good flight!