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We recommend that you play the game board - it usually is a mini game that is usually played at home, in our case it is the games that are put on the table. For example, this could be chess, Monopoly and card games. We decided not to make a separate category of games as a chance - because most of the games played on a table, slot machines on our site so it will be no play board games. For example chess - very clever and interesting game that can be played even children from 7 years old and adults. Chess is a game that will live forever and will always be popular, as can be said about backgammon. In the board game we assigned and billiards, and all sorts of games with balls on the table. We thought it was right, because these games are also on the table - then they too desktop. In the category of board games were the same puzzle - these images are cut into many pieces, on our website you can collect puzzle online, have puzzle moved into another dimension - a dimension of computer, and make sure that young children are very fond of puzzles.

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Make a square Make a square
Solitaire spider-man Solitaire spider-man
Ronin solitaire Ronin solitaire
Chess Chess
Shells Shells
Billiards simulator Billiards simulator
Battle of the ships Battle of the ships
Roman Mahjong Roman Mahjong
Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland
Put figure 2 Put figure 2
Checkers - gold edition Checkers - gold edition
Tag Tag
Moosters Moosters
Solitaire Palace messenger Solitaire Palace messenger
A hundred A hundred
Colonizers Colonizers
Cubes with animals Cubes with animals
dice dice
Solitaire - an amazing journey Solitaire - an amazing journey
Spartan solitaire Spartan solitaire
Classic chess Classic chess
Fun chess Fun chess
Champion briskly Champion briskly
Puzzle freak Puzzle freak
shuffling shuffling
Peppa Pig CardsPeppa Pig Cards
Checkers With A ComputerCheckers With A Computer
Chess With The ComputerChess With The Computer
Baby DominoBaby Domino
3D Billiard3D Billiard
501 Dart Challange501 Dart Challange
Ikoncity Air HockeyIkoncity Air Hockey
Sexy BilliardsSexy Billiards
Big Shot CheckersBig Shot Checkers
Flash Chess 3Flash Chess 3
Spider-man Memory MatchSpider-man Memory Match
Kung Fu Panda 2 Puzzle WarKung Fu Panda 2 Puzzle War
Puzzle Mania Lovable PetsPuzzle Mania Lovable Pets
Smeshariki Olympic Games EncyclopaediaSmeshariki Olympic Games Encyclo