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Each boy lives a warrior, an athlete, a racer and a fan appeared to reveal secrets. Therefore, it is important to develop all sides of the character of the future men. In our section there are fun games for boys for two that will help cheerfully and with advantage to spend free time.

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Combat shooting Combat shooting
Ninja turtles - return of the king Ninja turtles - return of the ki
Power swing Power swing
The battle with bazookas The battle with bazookas
Rumble at recess Rumble at recess
Bandit kings Bandit kings
The tournament The tournament
Thunderball Thunderball
Robot Jox Robot Jox
Prince vs samurai Prince vs samurai
Salvation transformers Salvation transformers
Fights Fights
Based tank war Based tank war
Heavenly dogs is a big war Heavenly dogs is a big war
The king of fighters The king of fighters
New territory New territory
Prehistoric fishing Prehistoric fishing
Alliance machines Alliance machines
War of the worlds War of the worlds
War pigs War pigs
Legend Yan Loong 2 Legend Yan Loong 2
Another world Another world
Pheus and Mor Pheus and Mor
Boy dragon 2 Boy dragon 2
Star survival Star survival
Fighters Fighters
The gods of the balloon The gods of the balloon
Through the pain Through the pain
Super hell Super hell
Fortz Fortz
Trapped Trapped
Dragon ball Dragon ball
The ultimate escape The ultimate escape
The king of battle The king of battle
Fighters 2 Fighters 2

While girls dress up dolls and have imaginary tea ceremonies, the boys have other tasks Necessary to save the world and win the war that your planet was safe and sound And then manage to win a football match, to arrive at the finish first and earn points on basketbolistam day was fun and carefree, is located in the bright world where everyone can be Pobediteley for boys for two – here you can find only the best! Classic racing and competition for survival, where everything depends on the dexterity and skills to quickly turn the steering wheel You can ride on a real race car, motorcycle or choose to start a contest where you have to come first in his truck All depends on your mood and desire to win Logical games for boys for two Folding puzzles, searching for a way out of the maze and other adventures await you in the fulfilment of the mission, the Time spent solving each task, hones logical thinking and contributes to the development of the brain Action to Get the quest and complete the quest to get the reward, Remember on your way will constantly meet obstacles, enemies and other problems, so stay together and get to victory War games Here you turn into a real hero who must save his country, and sometimes a whole planet from invading invaders Your enemies can be like ordinary people, and robots, aliens or bloodthirsty zombies But these games for boys are meant for two, so together you will easily cope with the task of Shooting the Show, one of you two is the most accurate and clever in the most interesting events You need to hit the target, which often moves and slips, so be prepared to include your skills and win this fight Sports games for boys for two If you are tired of weapons of war and twisted logic problems, then run football, basketball, hockey, or another favorite contest to transform into well-groomed athletes and have their virtual rewards Why you should launch games for boys for two? This is an opportunity to show their talents – you are the best Dodge bullets or quickly all enter the narrow turns? Perhaps you better put on the gate? When you want to show your best side, choose a game for two for boys – here you will be able to demonstrate their unique abilities let the spirit of competition, which contributes to the development of logic, intuition and speed of reaction to events Just a fun time, spent in great company here Who will stop you to gather with friends and take turns to play the selected game? Besides, you don't have to languish in waiting their turn – each application thoughtful story, the passage of which will not need much time to Start the game and win together with friends!