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: Dogs, cats, hamsters, even tigers and other beautiful residents of forests and mountains are gathered in one place. Animal games is an online application dedicated to our home-friends and acquaintances of wild. Everyone needs your help – start the game and find yourself in the very unusual world!

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Clinic Clinic
Pet shop Pet shop
Four-legged friend Four-legged friend
Walking the dogs Walking the dogs
Pet care Pet care
Pig Pig
Beautiful squirrel Beautiful squirrel
Insects Insects
Animals Animals
Raccoon Raccoon
Bunny Bunny
The vet The vet
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Panda sandwich and I Panda sandwich and I
Pretty Albatross Pretty Albatross
My funny Turkey My funny Turkey
Knitted bear Knitted bear
Peace puppy Peace puppy
Protection of the bee-hive Protection of the bee-hive
My Dolphin show 2 My Dolphin show 2
My Dolphin show My Dolphin show
The fluffy's kitchen adventure The fluffy's kitchen adventure
My Dolphin show 3 My Dolphin show 3
Happy St. Patrick's day Happy St. Patrick's day
Cute kitten dress up game Cute kitten dress up game
Show puppy Show puppy
Sleigh rides Sleigh rides
Care for dolphins Care for dolphins
Royal pony dress up Royal pony dress up
Morning walk Morning walk

If you don't have a pet or you just really love animals, so are at the right place For you the developers have created a special online application, which you are guaranteed to enjoy Of the game Animals is dedicated to our beloved fellow creatures, some of which live at home, and with others we know only by zoos and documentary broadcasts But now they have become even closer!Game Animals: discover a new world!Training and feeding is only one part of animal care is actually much more interesting and varied – choose from different Animal games and you will see this samev the one we are the main online applications that are very popular with children and adults: puzzle game jigsaw into one whole picture, find extra elements on the almost identical pictures and train your skills in other online applications in which you need to solve the puzzle everywhere with you will be cute and funny animals from the different parts of our planets Creative play Animals Take up coloured pencils, markers and paint to turn a boring black and white sketch into a beautiful picture And then can do the selection of clothing for animals – they also want to look trendy and stylish, given that some of them are waiting for important celebrations; raise livestock, it is Important that Pets and exotic species was in fine wool, trimmed nails, healthy teeth, so you need to pick up a comb and different means of care Be prepared for the fact that animals won't like the fact that they are bathed or cleaned up, so they will want to escape If you do it quickly and efficiently, we not only give ease and great looks, the hero of the game, but also earn maximum reward points Treat animals unfortunately, sometimes large and small Pets get into trouble These game Animals are devoted to treating each of them: someone needs to put a paw in plaster, the other to cure the disease, and someone to do the surgery If you like the app, dedicated to the work of the veterinary clinic, or you are interested in the work of a veterinarian, these game Animals will become your perfect pastime Save the animals, don't forget to pay a visit to the shelter and help volunteers to care for abandoned Pets And you have to find one of them on the street – it will have to fulfill a number of conditions, so be sure to listen to the prompts which is built into the Game app tests the Animals Is a fun online application in which you need to answer a few questions and get funny (sometimes quite truthful) answer You will know which animal is closer in spirit, and what pet is better never to have

Who is most likely to occur in these games?If you think that he was going to be fluffy puppies and cute kittens, then you've never played the game Animals You are waiting for an incredible adventure with a hardy pony, in some applications, you will need to help a bit awkward penguin, and others have hamsters and even North to Santa's reindeer!Game Animals are perfect for children: they are good and teach kids that the other should be treated with love, care and respect But sometimes adults are connected and are directly involved in the execution of missions – each game has its own storyline, which has a lot of important jobs, so they are a great option for otdyhayushie game Animals and spend time with fun and benefit!