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Three-dimensional graphics, great music and an exciting storyline are waiting for you in the 3D games that are in this section. Choose your favorite genre, choose a hero and embark on the most realistic online adventure!

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Age of wind Age of wind
Crisis trains Crisis trains
Battle radio-controlled cars Battle radio-controlled cars
Grandma gangster Grandma gangster
Green lantern emerald adventure Green lantern emerald adventure
Educational mineral Educational mineral
Escape from the island Escape from the island
1916 1916
American civil war American civil war
Survival on the island Survival on the island
Military Military
Magic marker max Magic marker max
Bulba the cat Bulba the cat
Runner Runner
Hostile waters Hostile waters
Escape from planet zombie Escape from planet zombie
War of the robots War of the robots
Football 3D Football 3D
Fire Academy Fire Academy
Truck smuggling Truck smuggling
Army Parking simulation game Army Parking simulation game
Space trooper USA Space trooper USA
Shatter and destroy 3 Shatter and destroy 3
Physis Physis
The pursuit of dreams The pursuit of dreams
The battle for justice The battle for justice
Adventures Of Homer Adventures Of Homer
Revolution racing 3D Revolution racing 3D

When tired of arcades, races and tired of bloody battles, come to the aid of 3D games, which differ from the mentioned applications for its special quality Items, characters, locations look so vividly and naturally that it seems as if one could almost touch them and feel the real face, beating heart and quick dejaniero there is one fact about which you should unnotice such 3drealms has and what they have in common with 3D games?In 1994 there was the company "Apogee", which developed games of various genres using a variety of technologies But a special place in its activity occupied a three-dimensional game, which gradually occupied a dominant place in this particular market, Therefore since 1996, "Apogee" has gradually turned into 3drealms has, and through this transformation we get the incredible game that is almost indistinguishable from our real Iznik unfortunately, they have only one drawback: the impressive size of the installation file, which affects the amount of necessary disk space on the computer hard drive 3D games: here and now really don't have to buy the disc or download a torrent you can enjoy your favorite games right from your browser In this section, we have collected a bright, dynamic and really realistic game, which can be divided according to the main genres: No. 1 Quests – these 3D games are so exciting that you will spend on the Internet a few hours of Interesting jobs, exciting mission and three-dimensional graphics can not leave indifferent children and adults Here you don't just wander through another maze or a dungeon, you need to include all your skills and intuition to avoid being trapped or the enemy's No. 2 Shooting games – realistic game, in which the main thing – it's time to get it all in These 3D games are divided into different genres, where the criterion is the type of character, situation and type of opponent You can turn into a real soldier who is part of an invincible army, or become a professional sniper, whose in first place in the list of priorities is to complete the order Who will you be today – only you can choose! no Race 3 – this 3D game created specifically for fans of high adrenaline levels in the blood, which are constantly feel the need for speed We have collected the competition on the most interesting routes, including an outdoor space, and you can be driving a variety of cars, ranging from stylish sports cars and trucks awkward ending But the whole collection is United by one thing here: you need time to shift gears and hold the steering wheel in his hands Otherwise the opponent will beat you and you'll be the first one who crossed the finish line No. 4 Fights – when problems cannot be resolved through diplomatic means, we have to resort to fists familiar techniques of martial arts and Boxing art 3D Games in the category "Fights" are held in various locations and you can choose your main character from a list of available heroes a craftsman from the East, an American soldier, heavyweight boxer, or just a street fighter – who will you become now depends only on your mood and personal preferences of the number 5 Simulation – perhaps one of the most unique genres that can offer 3D games and each has its own scenario and task to be performed: to lift military aircraft in the air, to pour the coffee into the beaker, to clean the room or take any other action But there is one feature – it is important to do everything exactly as you do in real life One superfluous gesture or movement can ruin everything and the game will start from the beginning So be careful and 3D games from the category of "Simulation" be sure to submit your saporitalia choose, what path will go today? Then welcome to the territory of third dimensional reality!