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To date, the product of modern Japanese culture is not only part specifically Japan and its classical culture in General, but also around the world. Anime is a Japanese animation created for children, Teens and adults. Focused, of course, childhood and adolescence, but, over time, anime has become so popular that there was and adult genres. At the moment this genre is widespread not only in the ethnic Japan, but around the world. The main difference in this genre is a detailed portrayal of the characters and their distinctive features.

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Alchemist Alchemist
The outfit for the party The outfit for the party
The warrior Princess The warrior Princess
Bleach Bleach
Mysterious monsters Mysterious monsters
City blocks City blocks
The school of wizards The school of wizards
Beauty shop Beauty shop
Dreamland Dreamland
Sakura-catcher cards Sakura-catcher cards
The pupil of the kindergarten The pupil of the kindergarten
Japanese girl Japanese girl
Lush holiday Lush holiday
Japanese fashion Japanese fashion
The art of transformation The art of transformation
A walk with the bees A walk with the bees
Magic broom Magic broom
Spring look Spring look
Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
Straw hat Straw hat
Bike race Bike race
Date Date
Dragon Ball Dragon Ball
Fearless Fearless
Christmas Christmas
Cute attraction 4 Cute attraction 4
Spark Spark
Mean Miku Mean Miku
Sailormoon - love Sailormoon - love
K-On dress up game K-On dress up game
The melody of mermaids The melody of mermaids
Chara Guardians Chara Guardians
Cute attraction 3 Cute attraction 3
Luck star dress up game Luck star dress up game
Anime Princess Anime Princess
Girl Cosplay Girl Cosplay
Sailormoon Sailormoon
Final Fantasy - the return Final Fantasy - the return
Princess bye-Bye Princess bye-Bye
Tokyo meow meow Tokyo meow meow

Animated films produced in the genre of anime, do not have specific topics and are not limited to, Directors and writers, they are Published in the form of feature films and (or) TV series Story line is not limited to the canons, but on the contrary, is distinguished by its variety – romantic, historical, adventure, fantasy and many other anime Games for girls, placed on our site will allow you to plunge into a completely different world – the world of colors, romance and beauty of Running one of the games, you will be able to feel like a heroine of legendary Japanese animated movies or TV series If you like to wear girls feel free to start the game and pick up the girl hair, dress, facial features, shoes and other characteristics If you like to paint, you also start the game Specially for you we selected the best anime games for girls on our website absolutely for free and without registration you are Not limited in the genre, we allow to choose the game, you will enjoy the History of anime as ganarpremiosinternet founding date as a full-fledged anime of the genre – 1958 Officially the genre as a separate area in the field of animation was officially recognized in the late twentieth century At the beginning of this century are beginning to emerge in this genrc the 60s to the 2000 anime as a genre has come a long way of evolution and development the First movie, like the anime was created in 1917 and it lasts only 3 seconds Traditional is considered the founder of modern anime Tetsuwan Atomu (Astro Boy), created by Japanese animator Osama Tezuka from Later varieties of the manga and anime begin to appear new genres: Shōnen anime for boys Shoujo – anime for girls As mentioned above, a feature of anime as a separate genre are external features of his characters So, for example, the characters stand out unnaturally big eyes the eyes are the main factor in the anime it is possible to determine the age of the character, his preferences, traits, positively or negatively he is Very often multipliers add to their characters points, and also pay enough attention to anime hair Traditionally is the presence of multi-colored hair of different shapes, even a little weird variety of Genres anime has no limit For example, conventionally, to separate the genres is by the target audience (you can read about above), specific genres and genres, similar to modern film To a specific genre is "Fur" "Fur" is a specific genre of anime in which the main storyline are machines and robots, which have no prototypes in the modern cinematic art, the Third type of diversity in terms of genre is genres, similar to modern cinema, this could include the following: Cyberpunk, Steampunk, steampunk, fantasy, science fiction (SF), space Opera, apocalyptic, postapocalyptic, romance, mystery, daily life, Comedy, drama, mystery, Thriller and druggest and classic Japanese genre: Samurai action, martial arts, dobutsu, idols, otaku, etty, the comics setakon, lolicon, Shoujo-AI, shōnen-AI, psychological, social film the Prevalence of the genre in Russia and the countries Sgwo the Soviet Union, of course, in the Soviet Republics distribution and display of foreign cartoons were banned, so the Russian children and the audience were unfamiliar with the Japanese culture and their cartoons, However, at the end of 80's beginning of 90-ies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus got the anime that caused extraordinary delight of the people in the former Soviet Union's First serial cartoons in the genre of anime that hit the territory of the former USSR - "Robotek", "macron-1" and "Sally the Witch" At the moment of the surprise Japanese genre among residents of the post-Soviet space does not cause, it is broadcast on television and the kids they do not disdain Especially for you we have selected the best games anime for girls, with a wide variety of genre – please choose the do you really enjoy and dive into the world of classical Japanese culture in the game.