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Until today, the buses were considered as easy by public transport, where you can read a book or quietly listen to music. But the situation has changed – now the games the buses will open your eyes to a new reality where there are speed missions and dangerous enemies.

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Adventures of van Adventures of van
The bus in the rush hour The bus in the rush hour
Bus Parking at the airport Bus Parking at the airport
Parking the bus Parking the bus
School bus Parking School bus Parking
The driver of a long bus The driver of a long bus
License 3 school bus License 3 school bus
The driver of the prison bus The driver of the prison bus
License for school bus License for school bus
Spongebob in Atlantis Spongebob in Atlantis
Flying bus Flying bus
Insanely fast bus Insanely fast bus
Park my school bus Park my school bus
The city bus driver The city bus driver
Crazy school bus Crazy school bus
American bus American bus
Gus vs. bus Gus vs. bus
Long bus 2 Long bus 2
Bus transportation Bus transportation
School bus driver School bus driver
Shuttle bus Shuttle bus
The last bus of hope The last bus of hope
Bus bomber Bus bomber
Monster bus Monster bus
Landing the landing Landing the landing
Tuning minibus Tuning minibus
Bus Harry Potter Bus Harry Potter
Symphonic bus tour Symphonic bus tour
Prison van Prison van
Collect my bus Collect my bus
Spongebob school bus Spongebob school bus
Parking a double-Decker bus Parking a double-Decker bus
Camping - Parking in the woods Camping - Parking in the woods
Bus Mario Bus Mario
Zombie bus Zombie bus
Bus No. 9 Bus No. 9

Think of the game the bus is boring and uninteresting? And you will see what genres we have collected in one section: app that will teach to Park, be alert and cautious, one wrong move can get you back to the start, and it would be a shame if you lose all the gameplay; try to give a tour – slowly drive through the streets and introduce their passengers to the characteristics and attractions, which are within this game; maybe it's time to take part in a speed race against other buses? Don't be surprised with such proposal, because it is also machines and sometimes they want to show the whole Internet what they are capable of! Maneuvering among the flows of public transport, don't forget to switch gears and run to the finish line We are sure you will come first; try to run the game the buses, which are realistic simulations Such app will help to learn how to start the car (even online), will show how difficult it is to walk on icy roads and pick up passengers from the stops feature of such games, which is worth paying attention to is the maximum possible realism, so consider the fact that in these applications, the laws of real life But it's more like the classics of the genre For lovers of more delicate adventures we have several categories of applications Game buses: encourage winning at any cost go as a bus driver in another country – such games will be acquainted with the traffic rules, which often differ from the rules of conduct on the roads in our cities will Sometimes be difficult to readjust, but you will succeed; remember, sometimes you have to go up against these monsters and zombies – these buses are created with the inclusion of evil characters, who dream to destroy you together with your car Just imagine what they can do with your passengers! So do not waste time and press on the gas pedal – you need as quickly as possible to finish the game to win; if you're tired of racing and grumbling passengers, get something bright in the truest sense of the word, start the game, the buses need to paint the car This will help to relax, bring thoughts in order and to use the imagination As you can see, our apps are fun, bright and cheerful enough (especially if you managed to go from bloodthirsty zombies) But it is not the most interesting what can be found in this area deyatelnostyu buses and in the real world?There are 3 interesting historical facts that you should know: the First bus for more than two centuries – it was created by Richard Trevithick in 1801, Eight the bus was pushed forward by the steam engine And only in 1860, after the invention of the internal combustion engine, in Germany there was a "real" bus which moved on a route length of 15 kilometers In Australia there is a route "Brisbane Perth" For 76 hours passing you 5 455 kilometers and it's only one way To happiness, game of the buses allow you to get just as much fun, spending less time Chinese Youngman bus JNP6250G is a miracle, because its length is about 25 meters, and can fit up to 300 people! But recently, in the ranking of the most large buses have been changes when there are "DAF Super city train" - with a length of 32 metres it accommodates 350 people And when he needs to turn around, the road width shall be not less than 12 metres, otherwise the car just gets stuck Play bus is a bright adventure without such problems you have to Run, enjoy the rest and set incredible records!