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And you know, what do Mick Jagger, residents of North Korea, ducks and teenage students? Of course, they all share the basketball, but how would know if you read the history of the game.

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How physical education helped to be basketball 1890-ies in the College Youth Christian Association (Springfield, Massachusetts) was of the opinion: exercise in General is almost the only way to involve adolescents and young people to sport And the students diligently tried to do all complexes, but in gym class they were bored of the Monotony killed all interest and love for SportAccord have a burning desire to change something, there's always a way December 21, 1891 James Naismith, who taught at the College, tied two baskets, which were recently peaches, to the railing of the balcony of the gym After that, he divided the 18 students into 2 teams, and offered to play with simple rules: to score in the opponent's basket as possible. Duck and basketball games – what is common?This brilliant idea came from James Naismith back in his high school years, when his peers played the game"Duck-On-A-Rock", which translates as "Duck on a rock" According to the rules, it was necessary to throw a small stone and hit the top of another rock with large rosmarino Naismith went on: in his vision of the basketball players threw each other the ball, staying in place, and had to throw it in the basket, holding with both hands from the chest or sisustetut that it's too boring pastime? Then run play basketball and go to the world of professional sports!3 interesting fact about basketball Famous basketball player Shaquille O'neal scored in the season 1995-1996: he made 22 attempts to make an accurate shot and was especially accurate In the end, he scored 28 points In 596 North Korea special game for throwing a slam-dunk, when the ball flies from the top of the ring, the team receives 3 points for a far shot in which the ball enters the basket without touching the edge – 4 points instead of 3 But if a basketball player throws unsuccessful free, the team minus 1 point But there is more good news – the last 3 minutes of the match, scoring in turn throws the whole 8 points! Mick Jagger, lead singer of "the Rolling Stones", known for its characteristic timbre, And partly for that he should thank the basketball the fact that Mick was fond of this sport in school, and once so hard hit the opponent, bit off a piece of the language The whole week he was silent, and when finally able to speak, we all noticed the change in tone of voice