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Battle – perfect combination of strategy, tactics, skills, combat action for armies or single individuals. Recognizing the battle as an element of global war, it is very important by all means to ensure victory of its troops or your hero. Precisely formulated goal and a good base to implement and interesting flash game battle for adults and children.

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An advanced battle An advanced battle
Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat
Knights battle heroes Knights battle heroes
Battle zombies Battle zombies
Battle robots Battle robots
Battle of the monsters Battle of the monsters
Samurai warrior Samurai warrior
The battle mechanics The battle mechanics
Kung fu Kung fu
In the bottom of the crowd In the bottom of the crowd
Cyber Zelda Cyber Zelda
Legion of monsters Legion of monsters
Street outlaws Street outlaws
Generator Rex - Frank exchange Generator Rex - Frank exchange
Fruit robots Fruit robots
The phantom Empire The phantom Empire
War elephant War elephant
Gate of Apocalypse Gate of Apocalypse
Valkyrie Valkyrie
The Arkeia The Arkeia
Lost nuclear bomb 2 Lost nuclear bomb 2
Lost nuclear bomb Lost nuclear bomb
Resistance Resistance
Japanese battle Japanese battle
Maser traps Maser traps
Dark defenders Dark defenders
The fall of the Kingdom of the sword The fall of the Kingdom of the s
Achilles Achilles
I am against the earth I am against the earth
Clash of the titans Clash of the titans
Battle for the throne Battle for the throne
Battle of the gods Battle of the gods
Pokemon battle Pokemon battle
Transformers war for Cybertron Transformers war for Cybertron
Battle castles Battle castles
Battle of the mutants Battle of the mutants

Battle – for young strategema how important individual fighting, teach us historical facts and fiction films Properly conducted the battle can dramatically change the course of the war, winning victory for one side or another of the Classical examples of historically significant battles of Stalingrad is considered, Kulikov, the Kursk tank!Choosing flash games for our project spanch-boborg, we are not limited to traditional stories offer and to learn more interesting space, underwater and a fantastic battle For victory in the battles of our players have to solve complex problems complex weapons, tactical allocation of units and targeting the Correct alignment of forces will win with minimal losses, and under the triumphant sounds of the trumpets to move on to new games urbanbite as a historical ekskursionnye and space battles is a war of technology the True mastery of military Affairs, the player can demonstrate in the stories of historical character Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ottoman Empire, Persia – behold, the Nations are perfectly able to fight and did it with professional razmahom flash games "Battle" players can take command of the troops of Alexander the great and lead into battle the Roman legions Drive from adventure and subtle tactical and strategic findings often are much more intense than in the stories of the Second World vainisi of the game feature stunning graphics performance, good music and a logical plot And learning to act on the battlefield, it is much easier to analyze and solve situations in life