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Thai Boxing from Lunga Thai Boxing from Lunga
The box with Laffy The box with Laffy
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How many times have you watched the matches of famous boxers and thought that would be able to perform better than the professionals? Perhaps you've always wanted to learn to fight as a favorite athlete? Then it's time to move from words to action – in this catalogue we have collected a Boxing game, which take place at different rings, in different weight categories and with opponents worth fighting.But do you know how old the box really is? The sport that came to us from the distant prosagoge Boxing have a very interesting story in which a lot of fascinating facts: the testimonies of those contests have been found on Sumerian wall of the cave as an image, which dates from the 3rd Millennium BC, and in Egyptian reliefs Dating back to the 2 Millennium BC. And in the second case, depicted as the boxers, and the audience; in 1927 in Baghdad by the American archaeologist Spencer discovered a unique stone slabs, which depict two people in the process of preparing for a game, too reminiscent of Boxing. It is believed that the age of this discovery – 7000 years; also tournaments in fist fights, which resemble modern Boxing, were held in Ancient Greece; year 688 BC fisticuffs included in the program of Olympic games; interestingly, only the finds on Crete dated 1500-900 years before our era, confirms Boxing gloves; in the Twenty-third song of "Iliad" by Homer contains a detailed description of a Boxing match between Epsom and Evriala. The fact is that according to the artwork, Mycenaean warriors included Boxing in honor of deceased fellows; and only in the early 18th century began the process of origin of the competition that we know today. 3 amazing facts about Boxing As you know, on the "walk of Fame" in Hollywood all the stars with names of celebrities are embedded in the sidewalk. And for all the history made only one single exception – it's about the star belongs, Mohammed. It was put on the wall of the theater "Dolby". The fact that the boxer himself was asked about it, because I didn't want that the name of the prophet Muhammad trampled by passers-by who walk along the Alley When he directed the film "rocky 4", Stallone offered Lundgren, which played a role Ivano Soviet boxer Drago, to abandon the theatrical productions and a fair fight, really, that scene is not just seemed plausible, but actually was real. One blows Lundgren brought Stallone to the hospital bed on which he had to recover 8 days to go back to shooting. So choose Boxing game on our website – it is fascinating and at the same time safe for your health! You heard about chessboxing? This sport appeared in 2003 and according to the rules in the odd rounds, the athletes carried the fight for the chess table, and even go to the ring. Only held 11 rounds, the winner is the one who is either checkmated, or have achieved a knockout. In chessboxing also have different weight categories and the possibility to get the title of world champion. Become a new legend game boxsystem the view that the brave Spartans before master the art of handling sword and shield, was held the school of Boxing. But you don't need to spend time to study – start an online game and start a battle with the selected opponent. Do not forget about the important rules as soon as possible and reflect the blows of the other boxer.