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We have collected the best puzzle games with a fascinating story and an incredible job – now you can play and not be afraid of criticism from family and friends. Online puzzles – it's really interesting and useful!

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Greedy pirates Greedy pirates
Adventure Adventure
Treats or a joke Treats or a joke
Let me fly Let me fly
Give me gems Give me gems
Bridge tactics Bridge tactics
Word search Word search
Time gravity Time gravity
Eclipse search Eclipse search
Free games Free games
Home sheep home Home sheep home
Lamp Of Aladdin Lamp Of Aladdin
Orange coating Orange coating
Roman numeral mystery Roman numeral mystery
Patrol Patrol
Roly-Poly cannon 3 Roly-Poly cannon 3
Forest dreams Forest dreams
Connect it Connect it
Fantastic butterflies Fantastic butterflies
Escape from the dungeon Escape from the dungeon
Tibet quest Tibet quest
Around the world in 80 Days Around the world in 80 Days
Strange dragons Strange dragons
Twisted fairytales - Robin hood Twisted fairytales - Robin hood
Murder ricochet 3 Murder ricochet 3
Bounzy 2 Bounzy 2
Haunted house Haunted house
The God of fools 2 The God of fools 2
Maniac Maniac
Portal Portal
Mystery of Mortlake manor Mystery of Mortlake manor
Cause and effect Cause and effect
Jailbreak Jailbreak
Cut the rope Cut the rope
Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
Clay Clay

They proved that every 10 years after reaching man's 20-year average fall index 3: remember, 8% attention rate of 8% and Executive functions 7 % And one of the most simple ways to stay efficient is to stimulate the brain So puzzle games are the best modern salvation for adults and children! Moreover, this pastime helps to maximize the preservation of cognitive of motor functions and vulnerable parts of the brain simply put, those who regularly solves this problem, make a simple prevention from Alzheimer's disease This is proved by American scientists, who gathered a group of 329 healthy controls, whose age averaged 60 years Each one was in the category of risk of development of Alzheimer's disease, which was confirmed by genetic predisposition and family history Conducted dozens of tests and studies, ranging from conventional medical testing and finishing surveys about how often these people are reading, playing chess and do some other intellectual activity It turned out that exactly those people who are fond of solving puzzles and other games that require mental effort, showed better results in all outcome tests That is, the puzzles really make our brains work better and more efficiently, and thus keep it in perfect condition, no matter how many years we turned So often run your favorite games – and become the best version of yourself today!