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You are in the best catalog of flash games, in our catalog - compiled game created on the flash technology especially for children, you will find - the best games gathered from all over the internet and are available for free of charge, we are constantly updating the games, we have games available for both boys and girls, puzzle games, racing and shooting games, if you decide to play the game - just start the game by click on the icon to the desired game and start playing. If you like the game - you can give it the link to it to your friends.

Information for parents: our site contains games for children of different age groups, you decide what games to play for your child, pay attention to the game time, we recommend you play games no more than 1 hour a day, but always, because your child should develop and gradually move to more complex games, we advise you to add our site to your bookmarks, for a faster access to games in the future.

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Prince of Persia - the forgotten Sands Prince of Persia - the forgotten
Wait 4 me Wait 4 me
Jumping in the port of Amsterdam Jumping in the port of Amsterdam
Running on the roofs Running on the roofs
Back to the light Back to the light
Bodog Bodog
Urban thrill Urban thrill
Extreme runner Extreme runner
Jumping on the water Jumping on the water
Panic dinosaurs Panic dinosaurs
Best prize Best prize
Run or die 2 Run or die 2
Run Chica run Run Chica run
Extreme skater Extreme skater
Joni backflipper Joni backflipper
Parkour snowboarding Parkour snowboarding
Parkour parkour Brooklyn Parkour parkour Brooklyn
Ninja samurai Ninja samurai
Parkour ball Parkour ball
Parkour crocodile Swamp Parkour crocodile Swamp
Parkour on the roofs Parkour on the roofs
Crazy runner Crazy runner
Insane parkour Insane parkour
A guy in pajamas, 3 A guy in pajamas, 3
The guy in the pants 2 The guy in the pants 2
The guy in the pants The guy in the pants
Crazy flasher Crazy flasher
Bodog parkour Bodog parkour
Runner 2 Runner 2
Iron mountain Iron mountain
Robot alloy Robot alloy
Bionicl Bionicl
Hunting for robots Hunting for robots
War of the robots War of the robots
Return Return
Defender Of Atlantis Defender Of Atlantis
Head stainless steel Head stainless steel
Megaman - combat shooting Megaman - combat shooting
Race of robots Race of robots
Lost plant Lost plant