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You are in the best catalog of flash games, in our catalog - compiled game created on the flash technology especially for children, you will find - the best games gathered from all over the internet and are available for free of charge, we are constantly updating the games, we have games available for both boys and girls, puzzle games, racing and shooting games, if you decide to play the game - just start the game by click on the icon to the desired game and start playing. If you like the game - you can give it the link to it to your friends.

Information for parents: our site contains games for children of different age groups, you decide what games to play for your child, pay attention to the game time, we recommend you play games no more than 1 hour a day, but always, because your child should develop and gradually move to more complex games, we advise you to add our site to your bookmarks, for a faster access to games in the future.

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Mad speed Mad speed
Cool cars Cool cars
The Streets Of Paris The Streets Of Paris
Finish line Finish line
Ring check-in Ring check-in
Only in front of Only in front of
Meteorites Meteorites
The city is in danger The city is in danger
Rise of the machines Rise of the machines
Race superheroes Race superheroes
Children Children
Trap from Lex Luthor Trap from Lex Luthor
Dangerous battle Dangerous battle
Justice League Justice League
Boxing Boxing
Superman snowboarder Superman snowboarder
Paired cards Paired cards
Dress Up Superman Dress Up Superman
The Savior The Savior
Coloring pages Coloring pages
The tournament The tournament
Catch-up Catch-up
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Flying Superman Flying Superman
Air force Air force
Castles minecraft Castles minecraft
Minecraft prison Minecraft prison
Minecraft creeper Minecraft creeper
Minecraft tanks Minecraft tanks
Cube minecraft Cube minecraft
Minecraft survival with herobrine Minecraft survival with herobrin
Minecraft hide and seek Minecraft hide and seek
Minecraft for girls Minecraft for girls
Minecraft creative Minecraft creative
Tiny heroes in the dungeon Tiny heroes in the dungeon
Minecraft for boys Minecraft for boys
Hunger games minecraft Hunger games minecraft
Minecraft 2D Minecraft 2D
Minecraft 3D Minecraft 3D
Minecraft 2 Minecraft 2