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You are in the best catalog of flash games, in our catalog - compiled game created on the flash technology especially for children, you will find - the best games gathered from all over the internet and are available for free of charge, we are constantly updating the games, we have games available for both boys and girls, puzzle games, racing and shooting games, if you decide to play the game - just start the game by click on the icon to the desired game and start playing. If you like the game - you can give it the link to it to your friends.

Information for parents: our site contains games for children of different age groups, you decide what games to play for your child, pay attention to the game time, we recommend you play games no more than 1 hour a day, but always, because your child should develop and gradually move to more complex games, we advise you to add our site to your bookmarks, for a faster access to games in the future.

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Battle of the werewolves Battle of the werewolves
Siege Of Osaka Siege Of Osaka
Lightning Lightning
Thug Jacker Thug Jacker
Smash Boxing Smash Boxing
Bloody murder Bloody murder
Street fighter 2 Street fighter 2
Kill Bill 2 Kill Bill 2
Super fighter Super fighter
Chaos faction 2 Chaos faction 2
Swords and sandals 2 Swords and sandals 2
3 Foot ninja 2 3 Foot ninja 2
The crowd down The crowd down
The spindle The spindle
Achilles 2 Achilles 2
Tribot fighter Tribot fighter
Evil skeleton Evil skeleton
Rohan swordsman Rohan swordsman
Fight club zombie Fight club zombie
War mini robots War mini robots
Secret weapon Secret weapon
Kronos the dark warrior Kronos the dark warrior
Super fighters (SuperFighters) For two Super fighters (SuperFighters) F
Muay Thai 2 Muay Thai 2
Army Boxing Army Boxing
Comanche Comanche
Mass murder is Apache Mass murder is Apache
Battle 3 Battle 3
Sudden Aviator Sudden Aviator
Torque Torque
Fatal helicopter Fatal helicopter
Aim for the head Aim for the head
Hovering helicopter Hovering helicopter
Military helicopter Military helicopter
The landing of the helicopter 2 The landing of the helicopter 2
Support Support
Damage Damage
Helicopter pilot Helicopter pilot
Helicopter power Helicopter power
Red menace Red menace