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You are in the best catalog of flash games, in our catalog - compiled game created on the flash technology especially for children, you will find - the best games gathered from all over the internet and are available for free of charge, we are constantly updating the games, we have games available for both boys and girls, puzzle games, racing and shooting games, if you decide to play the game - just start the game by click on the icon to the desired game and start playing. If you like the game - you can give it the link to it to your friends.

Information for parents: our site contains games for children of different age groups, you decide what games to play for your child, pay attention to the game time, we recommend you play games no more than 1 hour a day, but always, because your child should develop and gradually move to more complex games, we advise you to add our site to your bookmarks, for a faster access to games in the future.

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Brave Sheriff Mahjong Brave Sheriff Mahjong
Funny Mahjong Funny Mahjong
Single Mahjong Single Mahjong
Mahjong tower Mahjong tower
Mahjong 3D Mahjong 3D
Elite Mahjong Elite Mahjong
Mah Jongg Mah Jongg
Kris Mahjong Kris Mahjong
Smurfs classic Mahjong Smurfs classic Mahjong
Dragon - Mahjong Dragon - Mahjong
The paired patterns The paired patterns
Winx Mahjong Winx Mahjong
Mahjong chain Mahjong chain
Bad ice cream Bad ice cream
Bad ice cream 2 Bad ice cream 2
Bad ice cream 3 Bad ice cream 3
Jumping raccoons Jumping raccoons
The adventures of rabbits The adventures of rabbits
Beggars wives marry Beggars wives marry
African fish African fish
Lost Incas Lost Incas
Pirates Musketeers Pirates Musketeers
Warrior of the jungle Warrior of the jungle
The guys from the tribe against the monster The guys from the tribe against
Forest buddy Forest buddy
The co-op monsters The co-op monsters
Fire men Fire men
Snow people Snow people
Ben 10 adventure Ben 10 adventure
Nimble knight Nimble knight
Adventures Shin-Tyan Adventures Shin-Tyan
Transformers 2 Transformers 2
Treasure hunters in the forest of magic Treasure hunters in the forest o
Mario gold rush Mario gold rush
Snow white 2 Snow white 2
Brothers aborigines Brothers aborigines
Cinderella rescues the Princess Cinderella rescues the Princess
Brothers robbers 2 Brothers robbers 2
Mario and Luigi to the rescue HD 2 Mario and Luigi to the rescue HD
Mario and Luigi crystal Kingdom Mario and Luigi crystal Kingdom