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Just imagine for one second that you have become a real robot whose body consists of extremely heavy armor, and your weapon is so strong that can hit any opponent. Like any robot, you have a special purpose – you were sent to the dungeon of the city, which is inhabited by some zombies. These horrible creatures are destroying everything in their path and not give humanity and any other living being to exist peacefully, they persecute and try to destroy it, turning it into a new representative of his own race.

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Presented? Then the game Zombotron will take you to the place mentioned above People are scared and are afraid to leave their sheltered places on the street, but you have the option to save the population from the hard labour of agony that brought the zombies in their innegra Zombotron is a light game in which you will travel on a particular route, to solve puzzles and, of course, destroy a very dangerous mutants Rumor has it that a mad scientist created these mutants to destroy the human race, your task – to destroy them with his superstrong arms Remember that you need to be very careful, because on your way will stand not only zombies, but also their pitfalls, and that will keep you in your chains and send at the mercy of mutated creatures in Addition to zombies, on the way to the goal you will pursue nasty poisonous spiders Their peculiarity is that they are very small and hard to notice and kill spiders in Addition, you will also find various small parasites, who are you to inflict some damage, and just like you, robots, only, enemy, their, by the way, you got to watch most of Their armor is very heavily defended, and the weapon is not inferior to your Game Zombotron offer you several options of weapons – various knives, a machete, who used himself Rambo in the same movie, pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and everything that can be useful to achieve goal As you can see, the game developers did to the game was very comfortable and interesting Look for various items that will be helping you to pass the mission – the bags, the improvement of health and energy, special belt, which allows you to carry multiple weapons of the Game Zombotron is an interesting, exciting and dynamic game, missions which are intended for you to do everything possible to save the planet from an invasion of mutant creatures and Come forward to save the planet from these creatures, not being able to live a normal people!

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