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The famous robot is moved on the screen of your monitor! Hero is one of the most famous cartoon Studio "Pixar" now solves problems and comes out winners from difficult situations with your help, if you run games valley.

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Pinball Pinball
Girl robot Girl robot
Mountains of garbage Mountains of garbage
Fire debris Fire debris
Cups Cups
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Three elements Three elements
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The battle in space The battle in space
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What awaits you next?As before, the main character is the eponymous robot that must clean the planet Earth from the accumulated debris of the valley works with the same models of devices, but there is something not amenable to logic – he falls in love with the robot eve moreover, he goes after her in a dangerous open space, and eventually saves the humanity and our planet from gibeling you know, games valley include the most incredible adventure, so ahead of you are a variety of tests that need to end your victory – or our planet will die Game-pinball – classic rules Packed in an interesting format, which will definitely please fans of the cartoon about the adventures of Wally the Search items and details – these valley games are a great test of your care is Only concentrated gamers can find the given objects in the huge piles of garbage that have accumulated throughout the Land to Find the differences – you will be two pictures, between which there is a difference in some parts If you can find these differences, will become a new winner in this game valley the Drafting of the elements created by the rules of the legendary game, this app requires the ability to notice details and logical thinking includes a set of different parts, you need to be in combinations of at least three items the more items you make, the faster you will pass the level and the more we get more points But this is only the main categories of games valley, you will find in this category Run the app and take first place among the winners!Games valley: several important lovastatin film Andrew Stanton in an interview said that the main idea of the cartoon about the adventures of the robot – the value of life and well-being of our environment He wanted to show that our civilization is moving in a direction that will soon lead us to the situation shown in the cartoon, we will live in a landfill, which will turn our beautiful planetaria important message – play games valley and let our world will be under the protection of the real heroes!

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