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Think that the history of war between the Autobots and Decepticons ended with the last series and the next movie's plot? No, the sequel became game transformers, in which you can start playing right now!

Transformers Games - Play Online For Free!

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The throne The throne
Partner Autobot Partner Autobot
Fight Fight
Cruel Decepticons Cruel Decepticons
The great war The great war
Racing Transformers Racing Transformers
Mechanism Mechanism
Fragments Fragments
Transformer of new generation Transformer of new generation
Technical inventions Technical inventions
Stars Stars
Transformation Transformation
For parts For parts
Puzzle Puzzle
Tetris Tetris
Bike race Bike race
Bike Optimus Bike Optimus
Shooting Shooting
Amazing creatures Amazing creatures
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Terrible demons Terrible demons
Biker Biker
Martial law Martial law
The enemies of our planet The enemies of our planet
Number Number
Humanity Humanity
Modernization Modernization
Puzzles Puzzles
The leader of the Autobots The leader of the Autobots
Giant Giant
The Creator The Creator
Super transformer Super transformer
Fragments of the monster Fragments of the monster
In search In search
Designer Designer
Battle Battle
Super powers Super powers
The decisive moment The decisive moment
A deadly virus A deadly virus
Alphabet Alphabet
Hidden objects Hidden objects
Objects Objects
The World Of Transformers The World Of Transformers
To meet adventures To meet adventures
Make a picture Make a picture
Competition opponents Competition opponents
Ambush Ambush
The final battle The final battle
Leader Of The Decepticons Leader Of The Decepticons
Secret lab Secret lab
Race cars Race cars
The truck transformer The truck transformer
War for Cybertron 3 War for Cybertron 3
Hunters of beasts Hunters of beasts
Truck Truck
Transformers dead planet Transformers dead planet
Search Search
The robot uprising The robot uprising
War of the robots War of the robots
Mouse Megatron Mouse Megatron
Action Action
Battle for the matrix Battle for the matrix

They were the first addition to the line of Japanese toys a Bit later they were given the gift to morph into different objects like weapons, audiotapes and small cars And only in 1983 started the real story: George Dancey, who headed the company "s Hasbro'R&D" saw the exhibition of toys that are transformed into objects After that dozens of contracts were signed with different companies and artists, so that soon the whole world heard about robots-transformers Dozens of cartoons, some video clips and, of course, these toys – what's missing from this list? Of course, it should complement the game transformers, which are represented on our site!The world of Autobots and Decepticons in your browseruseragent time and effort – run games transformers without installation, registration and view advertisements directly from our site: racing – touch rudder control Bumblebee or another Autobot and finish first to the Decepticons lost even in this competition Get ready, they often use weapons, so not only do you need to skillfully enter the turns and press the gas pedal, but also to actively use your Arsenal; shooting games – these games transformers immerse you in a real war the Decepticons armed themselves and are attacking planet after planet, bringing chaos to the universe But you are together with a group of Autobots can win a new victory in the next battle, although sometimes you have to face alone All depends on what the game transformers will you choose today; action – the perfect combination of the best characteristics of different genres of game transformers You have to travel to the specified point, while on the way will come across enemies with whom to deal And it is important to collect bonuses and beware of traps, run, jump and, of course, to transform These transformers games is fun for everyone, who wants to personally get in touch with the world of machines and robots; logical and creative game transformers – assemble the puzzle with the image of a famous robot, don't forget to paint the picture, and then to find these items When you get tired of racing and shooting games, these games transformers is a perfect way for rest and relaxation, Choose the app that you like best, get to the finish and help the Autobots restore justice!

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