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Girls combine a normal school-life, shopping and socializing with boys from the dangerous work of espionage on the world Organization of human Protection (NEA). Manages the Agency – Jerry.

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Game totally Spies will help you to plunge into the world of adventure, coupled with the secular life Try with girls, skipping school, to go on a dangerous mission, to calculate and to neutralize the criminals and save the lives of dozens of people All games totally Spies posted on our site are absolutely free and do not require registration On our website you can find a large number of genres of this game So you can fight the criminals, to visit with friends to night clubs, go shopping and choose things, but also to collect puzzles while developing their intellectual abilities Be careful because at each step you will pursue the criminals, so work together with clover, Sam and Alex in the team and you are sure to succeed Try your hand together with your favorite cartoon characters Only you can help them to unravel a worldwide conspiracy, with its sharp wit and logic to Choose favorite games totally Spies and forward to victory together "totally spies" Storyline of the cartoon Totally Spies!The storyline of the animated series "Absolute spy" revolves around three friends – clover, Sam and Alex Girls work in a completely secret organization to protect people (World Organization of Human Protection) Together with his boss Jerry, the girls lead the fight against global criminals and save dozens of innocent people along with espionage activities, girls in school, meet boys, go out to night clubs and socialize with peers First series of Franco-canadian anime was released in 2001 and the number of seasons is 6 pieces Please note that in the penultimate season (5) the girls have finally graduated from high school and together went to University in Malibu Girls have stopped working in the world Organization of Protection of People and continue to fight crime Every day the girls face dangerous criminals on their way the Characters of the animated series Totally Spies!Sam (Samantha), clover (Claveria) and Alex (Alexandra) is the main heroine of the animated series "Absolute spy" Samantha – this girl is the main heroine of the anime "Totally Spies!" The color of her hair – red and eyes color green Is not only extraordinarily beautiful girl, but has a sharp mind, ingenuity and responsibility These qualities have helped her become a team leader After the graduation, went with other girls in University in Malibu Cloverine is another girl that works at world Organization of human Protection (NEA) hair Color – blonde, eye color – blue Cloverine is a typical representative of the blondes: in love with things and glamour, but also likes to chat with beautiful boys After school, the girl arrived with Samantha and Alex in the University, where he continued fighting crime Alexander is one of the main characters of the animated series "Absolute spy" Alexander combines several factors – a love of clothes, shoes and Spa salons and gives preference to classes in the gym, as well as some martial arts Hairstyle – korotkometrazhka brunette Together with Samantha and Cloverine after high school, went to University in Malibu Premiere of season 6 took place in the Russian Federation in December 2013, therefore, there is a strong likelihood that in the future, viewers will see the continuation of the beloved anime the series was wonderfully received by critics, not only Russian Federation, but also in the world of the Game totally Spies posted on our website free of charge and without registration, will allow you to choose the genre that interests you most These games will be of interest not only girls, but boys and Girls will like them in the first place, main characters, and boys – the thrilling detective story in the game.

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