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Play Free Too fast to furious Games

What could be more fun for thrill-seekers as not racing and streetracing? Who would not want to try yourself as a pilot of a racing car, which bends the crazy bends? To get into the real racing world, of course, is not easy. But why, if there are games the fast and the furious – absolutely free and without registration on our website! Series of these games will give everyone the opportunity to take part in street races, to show your true nature, become the coolest racer in the history of the world and get the coolest car in the reward.

Too fast to furious Games - Play Online For Free!

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Super drift Super drift
Night rider Night rider
Street racing Street racing
The fast and the furious 4 The fast and the furious 4
Piles of metal Piles of metal
Forest road Forest road
American trails American trails
The race on the planet The race on the planet
Super spy Super spy
Cartoon racing Cartoon racing
Retro fast and furious Retro fast and furious
King of the road King of the road
Drag racing Drag racing
Deadly drift Deadly drift
Chase Chase
Club nitro Club nitro
Race with VIN Diesel Race with VIN Diesel
Turbo fast and the furious Turbo fast and the furious
Mad speed Mad speed
Cool cars Cool cars
The Streets Of Paris The Streets Of Paris
Finish line Finish line
Ring check-in Ring check-in
Only in front of Only in front of

Game fast and furious is posted on our website, allowing to plunge into another world Feel like a real racing car drivers, breaking through the city, feeling the taste of victory over their opponents at the finish These games are is a sea of drive, emotions, unbelievable action and cool cars Believe me, all girls, wealth, a nice and expensive cars will be yours, and only need to run the game fast and furious! "Fast and furious" is a film series that consists of six feature length and two short films start films take since 2001 starring were presented to the world - VIN Diesel, Paul Walker and, of course, Michelle Rodriguez box-office takings of all parts is more than two and a half billion dollars the fast and the furious (2001 edition)the fast and the furious (year 2001) – this is the first part of the same line-length and short films in which the main role went to Paul Walker, who played an undercover COP - Brian O'conner the movie was Directed by Rob Cohen, the Task of Bryan is to quietly fit in with the gang most famous racer in Los Angeles, Dominic Toretto (his role was played by the irresistible VIN Diesel), Brian, fell in love with Dominic's sister MIA, has aggravated the situation so much that I still not understanding went to the "dark" side of the force In the last scene Brian helps Dominic escape to Mexico on his Toyota Supra furious (2003 release)furious (2003 release) this is the second part of the same line-length and short movies the Main role, as in the previous part of the movie that got Paul Walker the film's Director John singleton Brian O Conner is no longer working in the police and in the beginning of the film is unremarkable racer, running around the streets of MiamiCaught cop, Brian gets into the area where his former boss makes an offer to work for him and infiltrate a dangerous drug gangs Carter Verona order not to go to jail, Brian agrees, and takes his companions - Roman Pearce, played by Tyrese Gibson At guys introduced the cartel drug trafficker Carter Verona and received his trust, get him a job - to transfer a large sum of money Roman and Brian decide to fool both sides - police and Verona and escape with the money plan failed, a second before death, Brian neutralizes Verona and takes the FBI to Roma and Brian were cleared of all charges, but friends still pocketed a few packs of dollar bills Fast and the Furious, "Tokyo Drift" (2006 release) Fast and the Furious, "Tokyo Drift" (2006 model year) - this is the third part of the line feature and the short film "Fast and Furious" Directed by award Justin Lee In this part of the main characters were changed Paul Walker and Vin Diesel at some time missing from the storyline, and in their shift comes another equally talented actor - Lucas Black, who played the role of Sean Boswell Sean - a typical representative of reckless youth All that worries a young man in my life - it's adrenaline, fashion and fast cars, racing and, of course, the girl was hit by the sight of policemen, Sean is sent to her father - the military - in Japan there Sean felt by -This lonely But at one point, everything changed - Shawn discovered a totally different dimension: the unique sharp turns, underground clubs, which are completely saturated with the smell of metal and rubber Here Sean felt really what he wanted to be my entire life and Furious 4 Fast and Furious 5 (2009 and 2011 model year) Fast and Furious Fast and Furious 4 and 5 (2009 and 2011 model year) - is a continuation of the story of a former cop Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) and Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) The fourth part of the main characters - Brian Dominic's sister Dominique Mia Toretto and his girlfriend Letty again reunited to re-start their criminal path this time Dominic and Brian will work together to join the cartel very wealthy drug lord Arturo Braga in five of the Brian and Dominic hiding from the law and sit in one place they can not guys decide to move to Rio de Janeiro It was there and begin the most draivovye history iconic American fighters themselves without realizing it, the guys accidentally crossed the road criminal authority, which governs the whole city - Hernan voyages guys open "hunting season "not only from the criminal authority, but also by the police Games Afterburner fully reflect the whole picture full-length and short films to pick a favorite character, you can immediately start his career car drivers Show everyone what you stand, slicing through the steep streets of the Night Los Angelos, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, "Fast and Furious" - a cult American thriller that keeps the tension all its fans around the world for more than ten years of experience all the atmosphere of the racing world is possible only if you start the game Furious Do not hesitate, start now!

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