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Once the Belgian artist Pierre Cullifer painted small and cute blue characters, and even had no idea that eventually they will be known throughout the world. For the first time about these fictional characters have learned from the French comic "Le Journal de Spirou", which was published in 50-ies of the last century. Since that time it has been more than 60 years, and these characters were displayed not only in comics but also in feature-length cartoons, TV series and cartoons in games.

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The Smurfs Adventure 2 The Smurfs Adventure 2
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Fishing on the surf Fishing on the surf
The gargamel and the Smurfs The gargamel and the Smurfs
Battle Of The Smurfs Battle Of The Smurfs
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House Of Smurfs House Of Smurfs
Puzzles with Smurfs Puzzles with Smurfs
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Paint The Smurfs Paint The Smurfs
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The Smurfs astronauts The Smurfs astronauts
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The Smurfs digs digs The Smurfs digs digs

The Smurfs is funny creatures that attract the attention of not only children, but adults as Residents of an invented town, explore and learn together with the kids, develop them and always discover something new Themselves heroes live in little mushroom houses, wear white shoes and hats At the moment represented 9 seasons of the animated series, one feature film and free Smurfs game Few people know that the soundtrack to the cartoon series was written by American singer Britney Spears the Singer has told that participated in this project because her kids love the Smurfs On our site are of the game the Smurfs for free and without registration Some parents forbid their children to play because the games are the energy of aggression We want to debunk these myths and only recommend you to play because the Smurfs are the good creatures that don't fight and just have fun and carry your audience useful information, These games brings families together, because the Smurfs can play with the whole family Thanks to our site, you can choose any of the game the Smurfs on your taste What kind of game the Smurf village presented on our website? Especially for you we have selected the best free games for every genre Dynamic action presented fast races on different vehicles I Wonder what cars the Smurfs differ from human in Addition to the classic cars of this genre, offer you a vivid coloring, as well as intellectual game the Storyline of the animated movie Surficially line is based on stories about the little blue creaturesGame Smurfs will take you into the magic forest world where in a small village called Smuridol live - Smurfs These creatures are the main characters of the eponymous animated film live our heroes in small houses in the form of large mushrooms Every Smurf your personal house, where they spend their private during the way, the entire cartoon has 101 Smurfs - a hundred boys and one girl interesting feature of the cartoon is unique and special each character, each of them has its own distinctive character trait, voice, interests and hobbies These differences involve children, because, regardless of their diversity, they are all very friendly and good addition to good Smurfs there are also negative being - evil magician Gargamel and his cat Azrael, which bring only trouble Along with the games featured on our website, we offer you to fight with Gargamel and Azrael and help a good and sensitive Smurfs beat them! The evil and the good characters from the cartoon Smurfs eponymous cartoon there are negative and positive characters As mentioned above, just in the village of 101 Smurfs, one hundred boys and one girl are some of them: Papa Smurf - this character is the main character in the village differs Experienced , sharpness of mind and cheerful character traits Prefers alchemy and happily cooks needed for the village potions with responsible attitude towards the rest of the Smurfs and in every way their guards Grandpa Smurf - is the oldest and wisest Smurf in the village is the father of the previous character in the story, very long time went to fulfill the sacred mission and only recently returned to his village Smurfette - the only girl in the village Smurfette most beautiful girl in the world, kind, gentle and loves flowers In the story, the character created evil wizard Gargamel to destroy the rest of the Smurfs, but Papa Smurf with the help of his magic potion to cure the girl, and she was left to live in the village of Strong - the strongest Smurf Village Brainy Smurf - the most intelligent and well-read Smurf Painter - Smurf, who loves to draw and he did it get the best poet - Smurf, write poetry Handsome - the most handsome Smurf Tailor, Miner, Farmer, Lumberjack - working Smurfs Almost spends all his time at work Apart from the Smurfs, in a fantastic dream world lived as negative characters: Gargamel - an evil magician about him already mentioned above This creature hates Smurfs wants to break in their village and eat Unfortunately, the storyline of the series and the movie differ in one Gargamel wants to turn the small and defenseless Smurfs into gold, the other - to squeeze out of their magical powers and become the most powerful wizard of all time Gargamel, as well as Papa Smurf is engaged in alchemy, but to no avail Azrael - cat Gargamel distinguished by a special hatred for the Smurfs to help his master in all his endeavors Hogata - wicked witch who hates not only the Smurfs, but Gargamelle Of course, this is not all of the characters, because there is also a minor : Balthazar, grublyu, slag, morphine, hunter, mystery, Avenger, King of Sting, Merlin, Lady Jasmine and other games Smurfs will take you to another world - a world in which you will have to fight for goodness, justice and love Enjoy the game!

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