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Stories of animal life in the shroud has always attracted the attention of children and adults worldwide. The world of wild animals is always an exciting adventure and incredible stories about their lives. World popular cartoon the lion King conquered almost all - both children and adults. Game lion King will move you to the world of wild animals in Africa, together with the main characters you will learn a lot about animals living in savanna, and together they travel and help them in all their endeavors.

The Lion King Games - Play Online For Free!

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The storyline of these cartoons reinforced a dramatic story, transferred on the game, you will rescue other animals, catching beetles, fight with other characters and to help the main characters to survive in a difficult world of the wild robotnikland best friends – Timon, Pumbaa and the lion King go into the world of adventures is Incredibly controversial Troika – the lion, meerkat and a wild boar, isn't it? While traveling on their way to meet the characters as good and evil, who are ready to make every effort to shoot down loyal comrades with poutihli the lion King are endowed with a special atmosphere that absorbs entirely In logical games you will test your attention and will catch bugs for dinner along with Timon and Pumbaa After catching use the collected ingredients to prepare the most exquisite dishes of Course, in life, we do not recommend you to try, but such a treat would be like our main characters If you like active and dynamic game lion King, then boldly take the hands of the skateboard and together with Timon put new records, compete with your friends and invent new tricks Going on an adventure in the jungle remember that with each new level the task will be more difficult, so not worth preparing for a light adventure in the hinterland of Africa All of these games are available on our website is absolutely free and does not require any registrations or send messages with mobile phone with your favorite heroes you will reach success don't procrastinate, choose any game you like and go on an adventure with Timon, Pumba and the Lion Queens of the Cartoon "the lion King""the lion King", it is not strange – this is another cartoon, released by Disney's Incredible, but the first part was released in 1994 and popularity among children and adults has been simmering for more than fifteen years in the history of this feature-length animated film, its creators received a huge number of various prestigious awards – an Oscar, a Golden globe, a Grammy and otherThe storyline begins with the story about the king lion and lioness, who was born a little lion cub - Simba Simba should become heir to the throne after the death of his father, but his uncle Scar arranges everything so that Mufasa - the father of Simba - dies Scar blames Simba his father died and he flees the Pride Lands, because being chased evil hyenas half dead Simba are Pumbaa and Timon and help him Pumbaa and Timon become real friends Simba and will help him in every day Simba showed the past and he met with the spirit of his father, from which we learn that in fact Mufasa killed his brother Scar Simba decided to return to Earth Pride, to avenge his father's death and reclaim his rightful throne returned home with his friends, Simba sees a terrible picture - the Earth's Pride is completely ruined now there chaos and devastation Simba, faced with a scar begins to fight Scar falls into the abyss and dies Simba ceases new King Lions, his native land back to begin to bud Simba falls in love with a lioness Nala and gave birth to a little lion cub, which also would have to become the heir to the throne Cartoon "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" animated film "The Lion King 2: Godost Simba '1998 release of Disney is a continuation of the first part of the same cartoon storyline continues from the first part is now in the" game "comes the daughter of Simba - Kiara One young lioness accidentally ran outside the kingdom, where the accident met with exiles, namely - lion cub Kovu Cova - is the son of Scar, who, along with her mother left the Earth's Pride after his father's death his mother decided to regain possession, and trains Kovu to kill and sets it against Kiara Nuka due to the fight against Simba killed and his mother Zira blames Kovu his death and casts of Clan Simba lost confidence in Kovu and also expels him from the kingdom Kiara runs off with Kovu and with him back to stop a bloody fight between two clans Returning two young cub stopped the war The leader of Clan Zira left alone, after all, who stood behind her, moving to the side Simba Zira attacks Simba, but Kiara pushes cumin into the abyss Kiara, Simba Kovu and Nala begin to rule in the kingdom together Cartoon "King Lev 3: Hakuna Matata "cartoon" The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata "- this is the third, at the moment the final part of the series of films about Simba - King Lions world saw this piece in 2004, and the story continues the story about Simba, his friends and family Interestingly, the storyline changed a little, so small and more viewers think that they look completely different cartoon In this part, in fact, the main role belongs to Timon and Pumbaa, who decided to tell his version of events, because they are in the film paid not a lot of attention The story about childhood Timon, about how he met Pumbaa how flowed his life before he met Simba This animated film highlights one important detail - the role of Timon and Pumbaa in the life of Simba As it turned out, this cartoon debunked the myth that their role was small, and when it turned out quite the opposite Games Lion King, as you already understood - is fantastic, dramatic and a good story about friends and family These games teach you to appreciate friendship, trust people, and besides that, you also , will have fun! Enjoy the game with the Lions King - Simba and his loyal friends and a loving family!

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