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Together with other kids, you will learn the real magic of numbers, learn more about geometric shapes and their volume and size, and also can help you to fix various equipment and help out some good friends out of trouble.

Team Umizoomi Games - Play Online For Free!

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Team Umizoomi is a very popular children's animated series Only came out for season 3 starring stands a small group of kids who are very passionate about mathematics and use of numbers and geometrical figures can solve completely all problems Umizoomi Game takes you into a fairytale world in which the whole city, and it's called – UMI city, paved using the technique of origami it is very beautiful, and the games Umizoomi, posted on our site totally free and requires no registration efficiently convey the whole atmosphere of the magical city Your main task is to work as a team with your faithful friends, Remember that in this town you can help other people to solve their problems in Mathematics, though quite complicated, but our main character is given a very easy Game Umizumi will teach you not only to have fun, but also show that by using mathematical and geometrical tasks, can do anything, and most importantly – will teach you how to love this difficult science no Wonder, after all, the math name is the Queen of all Sciences You will acquire new knowledge, will find use your existing knowledge of the Storyline of the animated series "Umizoomi"the Storyline begins with narration about the fabulous city – UMI city does Not believe it, but he has a really unique opportunity – all the buildings and infrastructure created using the technique of origami Game Umizumi convey the magic atmosphere of this city, we Promise that you would not typically see In the spotlight of the script are three kids Milli, geo and BotThey - the little genius that mathematics is given is very simple with the help of simple mathematical calculations and basics of geometry, they can do everything without reason, for their help are turning almost all the inhabitants of the city Umi City Animated Series "Umizumi" is frankly educational and informational purposes The main purpose of Directors and the writers had the opportunity to draw the attention of young viewers to really explore the importance of algebra, geometry and mathematics in general characters of the animated series "Umizumi" Number of characters in the animated series "Umizumi" not very much, but they all have their special distinguishing features:  Millus Ruth (Milli) Umi - is the character of the animated series "The team Izumi" Milli six year old girl, who is very well versed in the technical sciences Its main specialty - is the modeling and measurement of Millie - an indispensable member of the team, because it is thanks to her, Geo and Bot can measure various items with the help of special magic spells, Millie can change the shape of objects it is why, a little girl will never walk in the same dress Milly's sister Geo and best friend Botha George Robert (Geo) Umi - is the character of the animated series "The team Izumi" Geo - the younger brother of Millie, he was only seven He is also very well versed in mathematics, his profile - geometry Loves various shapes and can do with them whatever you like With the special magic spells, Geo activates geometric shapes on his belt, which helps them decide problems of the residents of the city and create cars With these machines, the whole team can move around the city and quickly reach the desired location of the Milli - his younger sister, and the boat - his best friend robot William (Boat) Umi - is the character of the animated series "The team Izumi "Unfortunately, the creators did not report the exact age of the character, but it is clear that his age is not much different from the other team members Sailboat - the most cheerful of all three, likes to have fun, jokes and, of course, dance bot has a unique magical ability - it can grow in size In addition, on his head is integrated special antenna that receives signals from the residents who need help the front there is a special monitor in which friends are watching various videos to help them in solving the problems residents of the city, and the rear trunk where the trio puts all the necessary things car - a minor character of the animated series "The team Izumi" A feature of this car is that it sometimes shows himself with a totally unusual side and behaves like a man car itself orange, and always helps the team to travel and solution all the problems of the inhabitants of the city interesting and amusing stories about matematikuKak mentioned above, mathematics - is the queen of all sciences is one of the first sciences, which appeared in the world without it would be very difficult for everybody, for example, you could not be considered, inventors would not cause cars, houses, computers, mobile phones and other things, which were created with the help of technical knowledge and golden hands of the inventor If you are in a group of people, consisting of 23 persons, the probability that two of them will match the date of the birth - 50% in a group of sixty people this possibility is already 99% in mathematics, there are: the theory of braids, game theory and the theory of knots Zero - a unique number that can not be written in Roman numerals in 1995, Taiwan was adopted rather specific laws, where the inhabitants were allowed to remove the number "four" (4) out of use because the Chinese language, this figure translates to "death" That is why, in most homes and apartments in Taiwan is not the number "four" Games Umizumi - very interesting, fun and, certainly useful, as they playfully able to instill a love child in mathematics, which most teachers in the schools and can not achieve the Learn to read and, of course, play games with us!

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