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Luxury palm trees, blue lagoons, tropical coconut and crystal blue sea - is not a welcome place to relax? But the main character of the game Tarzan picturesque tropical paradise - is not foreign resort, a favorite house where he was born, grew up and learned how to survive in the most unlikely situations.

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Mario vs Tarzan Mario vs Tarzan
Tarzan biker Tarzan biker
Salvini Tarzan Salvini Tarzan
Coloring Jane Coloring Jane
Save Tarzan Save Tarzan
Puzzle Tarzan Puzzle Tarzan
Puzzle mania Puzzle mania
The Adventures Of Tarzan The Adventures Of Tarzan
Little Tarzan Little Tarzan
Tarzan crazy biker Tarzan crazy biker
Square puzzle Square puzzle
Tarzan puzzle Tarzan puzzle
Tarzan - kissing Tarzan - kissing
Death in the jungle Death in the jungle

Games Tarzan is a fun flash game online about the adventures of two-meter handsome man, born on a desert island and educated local monkeys This man will have to overcome incredible difficulties, to summon all their best qualities: strength, agility, courage and endurance And only then it will prove to others who is the real king of the jungle! Game Tarzan developed based on the famous and beloved cartoon His parents was shipwrecked, spent a long time in the open sea, and were eventually washed up on a desert island, but Soon they had a son, whom they named Tarzan But the kid's parents died, and the boy took to himself a bunch of monkeys They raised a real hero: smart, brave, clever and smart He runs fast, jumps well, fights valiantly with cheetahs and crocodiles, and with honor out of any even the most dangerous situates games Tarzan you go into the fascinating world of these dangers and exciting adventures! Swing on vines, collect the diamonds, find ancient ciphers and juggle with huge coconuts, and spend their free time in the company of the brave conqueror of the jungle!

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