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The story of legendary gladiatorial games, which were common in Ancient Rome, attracted not only boys and adult men, but women are half of humanity. Imagine that you are on the most popular battle arena – the Coliseum. You is a brand new Gladiator that doesn't even have his name. The game Swords and Sandals will take you to a completely other era. The era in which human life played no role in the era in which gladiators fought just in order to entertain the audience.

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This game presents an interesting simulation game with elements of role-playing games (RPGs) the Essence of the game Swords and Sandals is that you are creating a brand new character, give it a name, perform a variety of tasks system, while earning money for which you can buy armor and weapons With each level, your character becomes stronger and stronger, then you will be able to act in the arena and fight other gladiators in addition, the game Swords and Sandals is a strategic nature in order to win you will need to think carefully about come up with a clear and correct strategy and win! On our website are a few parts of this game completely free of charge and without registration Create your Gladiator right now and after a while you can become a real leader who will destroy and kill all enemies in its way a Story of gladiatorial iberville discovered this type of entertainment ancient Etruscans or Rather, they called it differently- funeral ceremony Thus, two randomly chosen inhabitants of the tribe (could be not only a slave but a free man) and fought each other to death the Enemy who was weaker – died well, the strongest enemy, respectively, received all the credit This action caused unusual interest among the audience for the First time the classic gladiatorial game in Ancient Rome in 106 BC at this time gladiatorial games were introduced at the state level In the capital for 40 years with the advent of this type of entertainment was attended by more than 320 pairs of gladiators In the year 404 ad there have been some changes and Gladiatorial games in the classic version of man against man were at some time forbidden, and gladiators fought with animals only Interestingly, this type of entertainment is still relevant today In South America there is the annual festival – Bullfighting later, Gladiator fights became popular again in Rome and classical fighting back, but some modifications had to enter So, according to statistics, after the battle, dying only 10% and the gladiators from serious injury, 90% of gladiators remained alive Is due to the fact that the Roman state took under his wing the gladiators: created the school efficiently and responsibly treated using anesthesia Gladiators provided the winnings are received annual wages of a Roman soldier, and in the case of two wins, the Gladiator was given a separate room in the school and other benefits of the Game Swords and Sandals will let you together with your friends to create the best Gladiator, clothe, and provide him with weapons, created with the latest technology please do Not hesitate to forward to victory!Enjoy the game!

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