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Do all those who live in the sewers are filthy and dirty creatures? Of course, no! Our main character is a little different than like the usual inhabitants of the sewers is very kind and funny creature that cannot live without water and loves to swim.

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In order to stay in shape on the Water to contain the sewage, which pollute other people clean you will need to help the crocodile Game Crocodile Swamp will appeal not only kids, but everyone have fun a Large number of episodes and more than 600 levels allow you to diversify the game and not get bored suamiisteri the History of the Swamp – the second set of episodes about Crocodile Swamp it includes 10 full episodes and 240 exciting levels and Each episode is distinguished by its unique history, the jobs you will be accomplishing the various objects, opening as the passage levels Meet Swampy "Meet Swampy" – this is the first trial episode of "the history of the Swamp" the episode saw the world in 2011, Like all other episodes, "Meet Swampy" contains 20 levels and 2 additional levels Troubled water "Troubled water" is the second episode of the game Crocodile Swamp "Swamp Stories", in which you have to help your beloved hero to clean the sewers In this episode there is a new object, you also have to fight a creep a Feature of this matter is the destruction of the earth and by touching the seaweed – slime turns them to stone Remember that the contact of the mucus with any substance can cause terrible consequences, for example, by touching the poison, slime explodes and can harm you, Be careful! Under pressure"Under pressure" - is the third episode of the game Where's My Water? In which a new object - Bomb When the bomb falls into the water, it emits a short beep and after a while, Tony blows Swim or change for the better  "Change for the better" - this is the fifth episode of "Stories Swamp" In this episode, a new object called converters Converters - is a special object that turns any liquid into another substance If the inverter is painted on a blue background, the liquid turns into water if on purple - poison, if the green - in the mucus when the gray - in pairs Note that the transmitters are not available at any level of Boiling Point "Boiling Point" - is the sixth episode of the game Where's My Water? In this episode, as in all others, the players offered to 22 episodes, two of which - the bonus in the episode "Boiling Point", new facility - hot coals and icicles, which also serve as an obstacle In the limit Warning - the wind! Tide Dry History Alley "History Alley" - a second category of episodes, which follows the "History Swamp" In its composition, this category contains 4 episodes and 4 high-grade level in which you will need to hold pairs in piano Ellie Ellie - it lovely girlfriend crocodile Swamp At first Elly did not understand love Swamp water, but later she was filled with sympathy for the soul and the girl-water crocodile really like Swamp, because he does not like other aggressive alligators, for example - Cranky Episodes:  Warming Setting Climbing Steam Symphony Story Cranky "History Cranky" - this is the third (previously two) category of the episodes of the game Where's My Water? Cranky - it is quite an aggressive alligator, which opposes cleanliness Swamp Cranky - a typical representative of the clan alligators, because he is wicked, ruthless, hates water It has no sense, and is also quite selfish he is doing everything to like Ellie, but she, in turn, favors Swamp hearing this, Cranky is doing everything to harm the Swamp - quarrel in the sewers and breaks pipes, which then would have to repair Swamp in this category episodes your task is as follows: hold the poison to Cranky, so that he could clean up their food for that developers offer you four full episodes and 5 categories of levels of any complexity is interesting that developers give players a choice - you can help the good crocodile Swamp or aggressive alligator Cranky Episodes:  The first dish Cranky Belly summed Weight gain Glutton Levels:  Levels The first dish Cranky stomach level summed Levels Set Levels weight Glutton Easter Levels Games Where's My Water? - Is an interesting game, all versions are available on our site for free and do not require registration, you can manually choose a hero for whom you want to play - Swamp, Ally or Cranky The main feature of this game is simple and intuitive interface that allows Play kiddies of all ages without any difficulty Games Where's My Water? - the best game for your kids, because it is designed not only for entertainment but also for the development of intellectual abilities of your child all levels have different difficulty, so each child will find something interesting for myself

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