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Superman is an iconic character, which first appeared in June 1938 in the pages of the popular American comic book - Action Comics #1. It is hard now to imagine people who never heard of the man who became a national superhero – Superman. At the moment this character is a member of numerous feature films. Animated films and TV series, comics, and video games.

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Meteorites Meteorites
The city is in danger The city is in danger
Rise of the machines Rise of the machines
Race superheroes Race superheroes
Children Children
Trap from Lex Luthor Trap from Lex Luthor
Dangerous battle Dangerous battle
Justice League Justice League
Boxing Boxing
Superman snowboarder Superman snowboarder
Paired cards Paired cards
Dress Up Superman Dress Up Superman
The Savior The Savior
Coloring pages Coloring pages
The tournament The tournament
Catch-up Catch-up
Spot the difference Spot the difference
Flying Superman Flying Superman
Air force Air force

Games Superman captivate everyone who at least once ran them Plunged into the exciting and dynamic world of battles superheroes with the iconic villains, you will not want to return to reality it is Interesting that at the moment "Superman" is not only a superhero from the corresponding comic book, but people from "real life" that so-called selfless, courageous, brave and honest people who are always ready to help humanity does Not need to hide the fact that this fictional character was the founder of the genre, in which ordinary people with supernatural powers became to protect humanity and fight with the villains of this world Especially for you we have selected the best Superman games of any genre of your choice offers a wide selection of games by categories – dynamic arcade, mind games (puzzles, crosswords), and games for kids (coloring pages, puzzles, and other) the Storyline of the classic story about supertenacity line original classic Superman stories begins with an account of what actually Superman was born on the planet krypton, before its destruction was sent to earth, where he in fact, and found the Kansas family farmer Foster parent Superman gave him an ordinary human name is Clark Kent from the early years Clark began to notice that he has an unusual and even supernatural powers of Thinking, Clark Kent has decided to use their powers solely for the benefit of mankind of Course, his opinion was influenced by a good upbringing and the atmosphere of love in which he was brought up in the family of a Kansas farmer a Long history of this character resulted in a large number of variants of Superman's abilities, his external character, distinctive traits, and the costumes and peculiarities of the criminal world With the 30-ies of the last century to the present day Superman was such a large number of modifications that to oppose them is simply impossible With the time Superman has changed, gained and lost some of their ability, the character died and was resurrected, but eventually we got the bright representative of the genre of superheroes, which both require humanity Interestingly, in one of the versions of Superman stories, all of his friends, relatives and Pets also had the prefix "super" - the super dog, super cat, super woman and so onThe unique supernatural powers of the classic Superman As mentioned above, the fictional character as a result of a long existence (since the 30s of the last century to the present day) has received a large number of supernatural abilities Some of them have changed, some remain to this day Summing up, you can display a list of classic original abilities of Clark Kent Durable invulnerable body in earlier versions of the comics, Superman was so invincible, that he was even able to survive a nuclear catastrophe, however, due to the modifications, the character loses its ability Ultimately, at the moment, this piece fits in with classical - Superman has heavy-duty body, which does not grow old, and damaged or cause dangerous shots possible exclusively krypton, magic or supernatural acts uniquely powerful force Superman has such a powerful force that can easily carry very heavy objects, for example, in the comics' 80s, Superman could move the planet from its orbit Unique endurance body of a fictional character is so hardy that Superman could not sleep almost round the clock and did not feel tired Modern films and animated series also confirms the fact that Superman can easily do without food, water, oxygen and other vital to the average of the body of things, but he still does it on its own special psychological reasons can be assumed that it is still a great sense of himself as a person, rather than a superhero, alien Resilience This fictional character has a unique ability to regenerate has been damaged, Superman could quickly heal their wounds and return to the fight levitation or flight Another ability of the superhero - a flight Although this ability was given this hero is not immediately, but in the later series, Superman still can fly at the speed of light is not clear why people with whom fly Clark Kent is so easy to have experienced such difficult for the body eye view of Clark Kent had the opportunity to see virtually all of the world, however, this ability has been acquired and they are not immediately To date, Superman has the following set of visual abilities: X-rays (the ability to see through objects of any strength) microscopic vision (the ability to see the smallest objects, down to atoms, as well as physical and chemical particles of an object), telescopic (to see all at great distances) and other great ear and voice may have heard at great distances and the ability to adapt your voice for various noise categories, which allowed Clark Kent to warn the whole city about the dangers of excellent mental ability, the presence of a photographic memory, and fast response Games Superman suit the taste to anyone who wants to feel like a real super hero safely run the game, use your supernatural abilities only for the benefit humanity, and compete with your friends for the number of resolved villains

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