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Who said that the tale can only be naive and child? Game super cow completely refute this opinion! Here is a collection of fantastic, bright and kind application, in which the main character continues the eternal fight against evil. Want to help her? Then join the battle!

Super cow Games - Play Online For Free!

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On a submarine On a submarine
Fun shooting Fun shooting
Party animals Party animals
Cow vs zombie Cow vs zombie
Alien invasion Alien invasion
The wrath of cows The wrath of cows
Trap Trap
Cow hurries home Cow hurries home
Thai Boxing Thai Boxing
Flight over the lake Flight over the lake
Surrounded by cows Surrounded by cows
The bomb attack The bomb attack
Cow in Paradise Cow in Paradise

The story begins in Sun valley, when the Super Cow, which I actually like to chew grass and spend more time in the fresh air, was forced to turn into a real geronurse a real disaster: from prison escaped the evil genius Professor Duriarti, who has set sights on the well-being of residents of Sun Valley He planned to turn civilians into bloodthirsty zombies, and in this he is supported pomoshnikom the game super cow – it's not just fun entertainment, and lots of challenging missions in which you have to save the population of Sun Valley and stop a terrible villain plans Duriarti You are ready to take this step?The game super cow: how to stop trouble?Each application has its own game line, but all the adventures combined with fabulous gameplay: get ready to overcome ten levels to reach the final; you have to jump over ravines, climb the mountains and get out alive from the tangled maze; and all this time you must rescue your friends and destroy helpers Duriarti; the number of enemies will attack dogs and harmful snails, which will be waiting for the slightest opportunity to inflict a mortal wound; you are waiting for a special adventure: the search for treasure (gold and diamonds) and caches that store the keys; note, all games super cow are clues and items that help: hearts will add life, which are so necessary for the final fight, and Super Yogurt will help to rejuvenate And be sure to collect the fruits that fall from trees, then your character suddenly turn into a strong superhero! Please note, the game super cow combines the best elements of the game genres they are shooting, racing, chase, they can even be called arcades So if you wanted to get everything at once, these applications are ideal for your coscto awaits at the end of the game super cow?This online application has its finale – still have to meet good and evil to determine who of them is stronger, bolder and braver You want to know the truth? Then now you need to select any game from that category, launch it and reach the end Only you will be able to show the Internet who is better: Super Cow or Duriarti

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