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Star wars is a legendary world the most popular film epic, which was composed of full-length and short films, cartoons, TV shows, comics, and games. Its origins take Star wars in the 70-ies of the last century, and their author was an American film Director and screenwriter George Lucas, came up with a single storyline that tied all six parts of the feature film.

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The Sword Of The Jedi The Sword Of The Jedi
A fighter pilot of the A fighter pilot of the
Siege 2 Siege 2
Cruel twilight Cruel twilight
Battle Iodine Battle Iodine
Running the trench Running the trench
Air strike Air strike
Puzzles Puzzles
Star battle Star battle
Path Of The Jedi Path Of The Jedi
The clone wars The clone wars
The liberation of the planet The liberation of the planet
Star guard Star guard
Starfighter Starfighter
Master Yoda Master Yoda
Saviors of the galaxy Saviors of the galaxy
Battle Dadaev Battle Dadaev
The enemy fleet is The enemy fleet is
The opposition The opposition
Laser sword Laser sword
Hunting for a Gungan Hunting for a Gungan
Planet Tatooine Planet Tatooine
Space war Space war
Stars Stars

Full-length Star wars films at the moment are a world heritage and is a masterpiece of fantastic cinema In 1977 the world saw the first part of the internationally acclaimed film As mentioned above, the entire world saw 6 fascinating films in the style of science fiction and fantasy: 1977 – First part: "Star wars Episode IV: a New hope" in English: "Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope" – 1980-part II: "Star wars Episode V: the Empire strikes back / Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back" 1983 – part III: "Star wars Episode VI: return of the Jedi / Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi" 1997 – processing the first part of the new computer effects and start re-rental of 1999 – part IV: "Star wars Episode I: the phantom menace / Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 2002 – part V: "Star wars Episode II: attack of the clones / Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones" and 2005 – part VI: "Star wars Episode III: revenge of the Sith / Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith" At the moment the planned release of yet three parts the First of which is due out in cinemas in 2015 To date, this film is the most desirable in the world of Flash games Star wars, posted on our site absolutely for free and without registration is a ticket to the world of science fiction Along with your favorite characters travel through the universe and destroy your enemies Especially for you we have provided a wide range of games and genres to choose from ranging from arcades to shooters and dynamic simulators in addition, the site also has puzzle games: jigsaw puzzles, coloring books and puzzles that are designed for younger children and allow not only to expand their horizons, but also to develop logical millenniata line Star Valsugana line revolves around Anakin Skywalker and his familyFirst, the classical version of the film is the story of a young Anakin, how he joined the clan of the Jedi and his training in the most professional craftsmen join forces Light, Anakin learns heavy military science, but fell under the influence of Palpatine turns to the dark side of the Force, and in the future, and all becomes the right hand of the Emperor of the Sith After 19 years, son of Anakin, Luke learns from a former teacher of his father that he was a Jedi, and since it is transmitted genetically, then Luke begins to learn the martial Jedi thing Luke stays true Light Side and enter in mortal combat with the Emperor Palpatine, Anakin decided to help his son, because it still remains good and throws Palpatine into the mine in the last episode, Luke takes off his mask with his dying father main characters of Star voynPolnometrazhnye movie "Star Wars" hit a large number of characters, but we will tell you about the most important: Family Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader  Anakin Skywalker - the main character of all six parts of "Star Wars" is married to Padme Amidala, has a son - Luke in the later part became Darth Vader, Padme Amidala - the main character, a man - Anakin Skywalker Two children - Luke and Leia in one of the parts has been highly the position of the Senator of the Galactic Republic Luke Skywalker - the main character in all parts of the movie, is the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala Leia Organa - the main character in all parts of the film, is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala later became a princess and started to rule the planet Alderaan Master Anakin Skywalker  First teacher Anakin Skywalker - Qui-Gon Jinn That he met the main character and decided that Anakin has extraordinary potential and can become the strength of the light is one of the most powerful Jedi second teacher Anakin Skywalker - Obi-Wan Kenobi was killed by his apprentice, Darth Vader is one of the most powerful Jedi   Interesting faktyZakonomerno that the history of the origin of these movies are so big and complicated that carries a lot of interesting facts Especially for you we have selected the most interesting:  During the filming of feature films, instead of lightsabers actors used conventional wooden counterparts, pasted special reflective material Note helmets stormtroopers and caps officers who are similar to the clothing of officers and soldiers of Nazi Germany is likely that the move was thought out, given that the first the film was released in the post-war period is practically girl who played the role of the daughter of Anakin Skywalker - Carrie Fisher admitted that once sniffed cocaine on the set sound Remember that publish Lightsabers Jedi during a fight? The sound was recorded in the North Bridge in England, because it was so beat ropes during strong winds Games Star Wars - this is truly fascinating, educational interesting games to run one of the games, you can start a deadly battle against Darth Vader and his minions, having tried the new weapon - Lightsabers Enjoy the game!

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