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Maps have always fascinated people. They have something mysterious and exciting, so application developers create games solitaire, according to the rules in force for centuries. Choose your type of solitaire and try to cope with unruly cards

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The main pisanenko still had not determined when the game solitaire, but one thing everyone knows for sure – these fun card entertainment, popular for several centuries, has retained its actualrecordposition that the name of the game comes from the French word, which translates as "patience" It very accurately describes the ingredient of your success required for the complete folding of solitaire It is believed that the game was invented by the aristocrats from France, which was imprisoned in the Bastille But there is a theory that the invention of solitaire should be attributed to the achievements of mathematics Pelisson who tried to find a way to entertain the king of France Louis XIV According to historical facts, the first documented game rules is related to the time of Napoleon, who during the time of exile was especially fond of asiansuite see, the great men from different eras focused on entertainment with the cards you Want to know the secret to the appeal of these games? Let's evaluate them, become acquainted with applications that are collected in this cataloguer solitaire games: what to play today?With their help, you relax, bring thoughts in order and to briefly escape from daily problems Choose any solitaire games: spider – you need to collect all the cards in columns of the same suit, then they get into the house But it is important to comply with all applicable regulations, otherwise the card simply will not take action; the Mat – one of the easiest puzzles, you need to shift the maps presented so that in each row were representatives of the same suit; solitaire – you have to place all the cards in order of seniority according to the same suit, in the end, you get four stacks; and dozens of other species of game solitaire, you can choose to start right now! Choose the application and lay out all the cards!

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