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The beautiful Princess always attracted to little girls for their beauty and social behavior. Well, what girl didn't want to become a Princess, live in a gorgeous Royal apartment, wear fine dresses and always have charming French perfume?

Sofia the First Games - Play Online For Free!

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Puzzles with Sofia Puzzles with Sofia
Maid in the castle Maid in the castle
Swing in the garden Swing in the garden
Create your own Princess Create your own Princess
Favorite horse Favorite horse
Coloring, Sofia Coloring, Sofia
Decoration Easter eggs Decoration Easter eggs
Amber decorates the room Amber decorates the room
Mathematics Mathematics
Sofia decorates the face Sofia decorates the face
Kisses Kisses
Puzzle, Sofia Puzzle, Sofia
Sofia was stung by bees Sofia was stung by bees
Home decoration for the New year Home decoration for the New year
Sofia beautiful designer Sofia beautiful designer
Puzzles Puzzles
Spot 6 diff Spot 6 diff
Sofia is beautiful in a Barber shop Sofia is beautiful in a Barber s
The Jewels Of Sofia The Jewels Of Sofia
New year New year
Find a pair Find a pair
Cleaning the room Cleaning the room
Sofia is dirty Sofia is dirty
Sofia is beautiful in surgery Sofia is beautiful in surgery
Tattoo on your face Tattoo on your face
Cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery
Care minimum Care minimum
Sofia treats the ear Sofia treats the ear
Sofia in the hospital Sofia in the hospital
Sofia lovely cares for the dog Sofia lovely cares for the dog
Sofia washing her clothes Sofia washing her clothes
Surgery on his hand Surgery on his hand
Sofia cares for the baby Sofia cares for the baby
Hidden alphabets Hidden alphabets
Hunting is not honey Hunting is not honey

Games Sofia Beautiful will take any girl in a fabulous world where you will have the opportunity to become really a real Princess You'll be surprised, but in addition to the fabulous atmosphere, you will also have to surround the mysterious magic Main task of these games is to show the life of the real Princess, the main character of Sofia is Beautiful you will walk on the secular parties and balls, dress up in fabulous dresses the best designers, learn etiquette and good manners On the storyline, Sofia lived in the fairy Kingdom, the only thing she wanted more than anything is to become a real Princess, and, as you know, desires in the fairy world, of course, are executed Once the girl woke up and realized that now she is a real Princess But, unfortunately, her knowledge about the rules of etiquette and wearing clothes too small, therefore, with Sophia you will do together you will learn how to correctly choose dress and shoes, make-up and hairstyle Games, Sofia attracted to all girls its colorful graphics, in which absolutely all of These games will appeal to girls who want, like Sofia, to become a real Princess is Amazing but all his work (designs of dresses, hair, makeup) you can save to your computer as a picture, and then show their friends just imagine the Beautiful Princess Sofia has entrusted you with a very important mission – to dress her, put makeup on, not to be ashamed to enter secular party and make a good and stylish haircut in Addition to this, only you have a unique chance to appreciate the luxury castle in which you will live together with the amazing and tiny Princess Sofia All games Sofia Lovely decorated with real enthusiasm the developers time running this game, you will be amazed as the colorful graphics and nice music, what's to stop playing you will not want never! Interestingly, the majority of games of the Princess Sofia is created in English, but do not be afraid, because these games use a small vocabulary and you have a good opportunity to practice learning English Cartoon "Sofia: Princess Story"a Full-length animated film "Sofia: Princess Story" was filmed by Disney in 2012The storyline begins with the story of a simple girl Sofia, who lives in the fairy Kingdom with her mother Miranda One day the king invited them to itself, to create new Royal Slippers after Seeing them, the king gasped of admiration, and very soon offered Miranda to be his wife Wake up one day, Sofia realized that now she will be a Princess, the Girl moves to the Royal Palace, where he met with James and amber – the Prince and Princess After they met, in order to learn all the intricacies of Royal etiquette, she goes to the Royal Academy, also all very pleasant amber gets jealous, because before all the attention got to her, because of what constantly gets a hold of Sophia in her endeavors, because of a half-sister, the young Princess never learned how to waltz, which was her very own at the ball All the inhabitants of the Palace began to ignore amber for her meanness Sofia, without losing time, sent to the Cedric the sorcerer, and asks him to give him a spell to learn how to dance the waltz Instead, the evil sorcerer slips the girl a sleepy spell which plunged the entire Palace in a dream Sofia is crying and her tears drip on an amulet that gave her the king Appears Cinderella, who advised her to make peace with his half-sister, because she's the only one who didn't die in the Kingdom, because did not go to the ball Sofia and amber make up and apologize, and then, by joint efforts, to break the spell of sleep After the release of the feature film, the Disney Studio has launched a Television and animated series "Sophia is Beautiful", which tells about the life of a young Princess after all, what happened in the movie, This animated series has caused a storm of emotions among the younger generation of young girls and pretty popular until that time, the Characters of their stories about Princess Sofia, Sofia – the main character of the animated series and the cartoon "Sofia" This is a very modest girl who previously wanted to become a Princess and her wish has come true Princess amber – step-sister Sofia amber Originally hated Sophia, but then they became friends is Afraid of frogs Prince James – the stepbrother of Sofia James is a very kind boy and always hungry Queen Miranda is the Queen of the fairy Kingdom, Mama Sofia King Rolland II – the king of the fairy Kingdom, married to Miranda Loves all his children and is very good to him Games, Sofia is one of the best types of girl games that exist today do Not hesitate – start playing now and fully immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the fairy Kingdom, feel like a real Princess in the Palace

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