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An evil force captured the underground world that is constantly trying to escape and get into the human world, continuing to bring harm to mankind. It seems to us that today you are obliged to take on the mission of destroying evil in the dungeons. Turning back no more. Now, you're the main character Eli Shane who is not afraid to continue the path of his missing father and went down into a scary and dark dungeon by the evil force that strives to captivate you in its tenacious web.

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Slugterra game will allow you to feel like a righteous superhero, on which depends the future life of all humanity at the end of the game, you are lucky to find and rescue the father of Eli Shane in the same podzemeliy come into play with heavy duty automatic weapons – the Blaster with which you can kill your opponents However, you need to be alert, because all opponents are different and the number of shots, of course, will be different Before attack your opponent keep a good distance and try not to get hurt The developers of the game World has developed an interesting storyline, which partially corresponds to the same script canadian animated series Along with this, you propose a system of levels and quests, doing that, you will move forward and improve your level of Course, the level of difficulty with each level will increase Remember that on your way will meet you with good things – new weapons, different pills to improve/replenish health or strength Not shrink from these items and be sure to put them in my backpack, because they can be useful to you in any momentary Slugterra – this is an interesting and dynamic game, you will not only exterminate vermin using heavy duty weapons, it will be able to move in a variety of mechanical transport, made in the form of animals by the Way, Blaster, from which you will shoot at their opponents, consists of unusual ammo – slugs Slugs is the ammo that is created from the slugs So that your bullets did not end, you need to catch these creatures and transform them into guilty game takes you into a completely different world, where you will be able to realize myself as a real superhero, destroying their enemies, in parallel, saving the world from evil forces and looking his father in the depths of abandoned caves

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