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You've heard about the game The Simpsons? Now heroes beloved animated series are right on the screen of your monitor, and they are ready to go with you to the new journey. If you're certainly ready for it and start the game Simpsons from this site. Almost all games characters need to manage the arrows on your keyboard. To adjust the game, not have to spend a lot of time and effort because everything is very clear. Special reality games makes the modern graphics and an interesting storyline makes it really fun. In some games the gamer will even offer a real episode from the Simpsons.

Simpsons Games - Play Online For Free!

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Beer Beer
The maze The maze
Shooting Shooting
The journey over the roofs The journey over the roofs
Fights Fights
Riding on the road Riding on the road
Unreasonable risk Unreasonable risk
Outfit for Halloween Outfit for Halloween
Fashionable Lisa Fashionable Lisa
Change of image Change of image
Family problems Family problems
Search family Search family
Trouble-free Parking Trouble-free Parking
Biker Biker
Skateboard Skateboard
Stylish suit Stylish suit
Outfits for Marge Outfits for Marge
Lisa in the spotlight Lisa in the spotlight
Appearance Appearance
Grasshopper Grasshopper
Lisa snowboarder Lisa snowboarder
Memory photo Memory photo
Voucher Voucher
The drawing on the Board The drawing on the Board
Toys Bart Toys Bart
Clever and naughty boy Clever and naughty boy
Journey Journey
Spot the difference Spot the difference
A skateboard lover A skateboard lover
The whole family is together The whole family is together
Mosaic Mosaic
Beach volleyball Beach volleyball
Bart on bike Bart on bike
Card The Simpsons Card The Simpsons
Sports style Sports style
Lisa masters the bike Lisa masters the bike
Paint Jazzy Paint Jazzy
Criminal group Criminal group
Clothes for Homer Clothes for Homer
Basketball Basketball
The simpsons bar The simpsons bar
Skate around the city Skate around the city
Clown motorcycle Clown motorcycle
The atmosphere of life The atmosphere of life
Fishing Fishing
Archer Archer
The Work Of Homer The Work Of Homer
Homer killer Homer killer
For two For two
Bart on skate Bart on skate
Parking Parking
Bart on skate Bart on skate
Home interactive Home interactive
Racing on the cards Racing on the cards
Homer jeep Homer jeep
Homer the killer 4 Flounder Homer the killer 4 Flounder
Arcade game Simpsons Arcade game Simpsons
Bart Simpson Bart Simpson
Ass Homer Ass Homer
Bart and Homer in Mario world Bart and Homer in Mario world
Burnside Burnside
Pong Pong
Super Simpsons world Super Simpsons world
Bart Simpson rules Bart Simpson rules
The Adventures Of The Simpsons The Adventures Of The Simpsons
Simpson with a slingshot Simpson with a slingshot
Homer the killer Flounder 5 Homer the killer Flounder 5
Bart ATV Bart ATV
Bart Simpson skateboarder Bart Simpson skateboarder
The ball of death The ball of death

Every character has its way of appearance and development. And what if one application are multiple heroes? Cut a perfect game! But let's go step by step ... Game The Simpsons: the birth stories For the first time these characters have appeared in 1987 in the American weekly show is broadcast comedy and musical numbers. All spectators said they traced somehow rude. But the fact that the creator of the idea of ​​Matt Groaning suggested that the concept is already in the office of producer, director and screenwriter James L. Brooks. Initially, he wanted to talk about their own comics, but suddenly realized he did not want to give up their rights to them to other people. The Simpsons Games We needed a different plan, and he quickly made a series of sketches of family life in America. The names of the characters, too, are chosen not by chance: it was the name of a family member Matt Groening. That's just the characters he painted specially made yellow - to distinguish them from the crowd. So games Simpsons got their start: first roughly traced through 2 years they got their own series. Later, the Internet began to appear in small applications, continues the story of the family, just to the discretion of gamers. All these games Simpsons collected in this section of our site. Let's see what you can play now. Incredible Adventures for all tastes - this is the game Simpsons Shooting - yes, Homer takes up arms, and you need to help him to hit the target. Because in both cases the head of the Simpson family loses, and in fact this simply can not be allowed! for two - if we are talking about the whole family, then you should not play these applications alone. Connect friends, relatives and try to pass the game for two Simpsons: in this genre are represented fights, races, quests, and other genres; Race - skate, ATVs and other vehicles are converted into high-speed machine, which sits behind the wheel of Bart or other representative of the Simpson family. Help the heroes get to the finish line first? Then take in hand the mouse, keyboard, and manages to enter the turns and switching speed! and even logical, creative and other Simpsons games, you can play as you want! Select your application - and well spend your free time! Interesting facts that are relevant to the heroes of the game Simpsons Today, it is not simply drawn characters - they have an impact on society, and this is confirmed by these unusual facts: In early 1997, they defeated the Flintstones family, becoming the long going animated series in America. In 2004, she stayed behind and Scooby Doo In 2005, Homer Simpson was recognized by the magazine «Men's Health» as the philosopher of the decade Bart appeared in the magazine Rolling Stone: he is depicted as a baby on the cover of the album «Nevermind», released by Nirvana And in 2009, The Simpsons celebrated their unusual 20-year anniversary: ​​a cross between Playboy magazine on the cover of Marge, who was sitting on a chair in the shape of a rabbit corporate magazine that covers her naked body. All these facts confirm - the game Simpsons dedicated unusual, positive, interesting and charismatic heroes, which will never be bored! Choose your online applications and run them right now!

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