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A favorite of millions of children and adults – green monster Shrek appears to us in the gaming industry. Since 2001 and until today the animated film Shrek is one of the most popular cartoons, created by the Studio DreamWorks Animation. In addition to the evil outside and the good inside of Shrek, fans of the animated film win, and other funny creatures – the Donkey who spoke, the puss in boots and the beautiful Princess Fiona is hiding the biggest secret of her life.

Shrek Games - Play Online For Free!

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Championship burp Championship burp
Shrek on a skateboard Shrek on a skateboard
Memory training Memory training
Coloring Shrek Coloring Shrek
Shrek and Fiona Shrek and Fiona
Green Troll Green Troll
Evil Lord Evil Lord
Wedding Shrek Wedding Shrek
Forest secrets Forest secrets
The Image Of Shrek The Image Of Shrek
Important instructions Important instructions
Dress the donkey Dress the donkey
Four-legged friend Four-legged friend
A desperate act A desperate act
Talking donkey Talking donkey
Shrek prepares for date Shrek prepares for date
Offer hands and hearts Offer hands and hearts
Donkey rushes to Shrek Donkey rushes to Shrek
Portrait Portrait
New skills New skills
Puzzles Puzzles
Strange elements Strange elements
Pomerjatsja forces Pomerjatsja forces
Treasure hunt Treasure hunt
Green monster dentist Green monster dentist
Puzzle with Shrek Puzzle with Shrek
Sliding Shrek Sliding Shrek

On our website we present you the most cool, fun and interesting game Shrek for every taste If you prefer active games, choose the genre of action and run through those beyond the Kingdom, collecting coins and simultaneously destroying evil flying witch After each level you are given the opportunity to take additional the level at which you will be able to collect more coins or chests If you like the more passive of the game, then pay attention to the puzzle intellectual games and coloring books Every kid will be crazy about this set of games about your favorite character Posted on our site games Shrek will allow you to plunge into a completely different fairy world is a World in which you will collect coins to repair the housing green Orc – Shrek, to chase at breakneck speed over the wicked witch, simultaneously collecting coins, as well as practice in flying on a broom Note the selected games featured on our site which are free and do not require registration really Shrek is already a cult hero already practically grew up first generation and will probably not last Thanks to an interesting and exciting script, witty and funny, delightful graphics from DreamWorks Animation and original actor who voiced the animated film, we got really a real masterpiece, which see children and adults all over the world the Beginning of a story about Creepery animated film about the evil and outwardly good the inside green Orc Shrek appeared in 2001 at the premiere of the movie "Shrek" Being the first feature film of the four series, "Shrek" has quickly gained recognition and love of children and adults around the world by Surprise was also the cast, voicing this cartoon: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas, who joined the team for the second castiac mentioned above, to date, released four full-length cartoons about Shrek, Fiona, a talking Donkey and Puss in boots and a number of short films, released to certain events, such as holiday So there were short animated films about Shrek: "Shrek Honeymoon", "Shrek Halloween", "Christmas Spectacle Donkey"This animated film has captivated millions of people around the world with its brilliant symbiosis of fairy tales and the modern colloquial language with colloquial turns with elements of neologisms Due to these factors creates a comic effect, which, in fact, like children and vzroslaya lineazeta line begins with a story about evil and scary green monster living in the depths of the forest – Shrek All the action takes place in the fabulous ages, the protagonist of the animated film doesn't like people, but instead have them – scary Traveling through the forest one day he meets a talking Donkey who ran away from his mistress, who tried to sell it One day Shrek was sitting in his house and enjoyed the solitude, she heard a terrible roar and noise Out on the street, he saw that thousands of fabulous animals As it turned out, the king sent them all to the swamp, and he offered Shrek a deal in exchange for that magical creatures go, he must go to the dragon castle and rescue the lovely Princess Fiona Passed all tests, he delivers the Princess to the king, As it turned out, the Princess is enchanted and every night turns into an Ogre after Learning about this and that Fiona loves him, Shrek decides to rescue her from the wedding with the king in this cartoon effectively appears at the Palace on a flying three-headed dragon and kisses her Fiona turns into a green Ogre like Shrek Together they flee to the swamp, where celebrate a magnificent wedding On this and the unfolding events of the next three multfilmy Shrek is one of the most popular games Specially for you we have selected the best of them Thanks to them, you are transported into a completely different fairy world where you can be anything you want – scary monster Shrek, charming Princess Fiona or constantly talking Donkey Travel to the fabulous world, solve puzzles and collect bonuses! Enjoy the game!

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