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But you can run on your computer rollercoaster game is absolutely safe and free. But almost the same feelings and excitement are guaranteed. You can also become a direct participant through which tens of online participants ' apps will soar up or screaming down, counting the seconds until the end of this extraordinary journey.

Rollercoaster Games - Play Online For Free!

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Want to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood? Then you need games roller coaster!We offer you a bright and wonderful adventure: create your attraction is at your disposal in different details, with which you want to create a real platform for entertainment, don't forget to test and verify the performance and maximum security for wanting to go; become a driver of a roller coaster is one of the most important and challenging missions, which you met in your life Behind you are dozens of online passengers, which should go with the attraction alive and kicking So firmly hold the steering wheel in his hands and deftly manage their own roller coaster; or just a fast ride on the crazy ride of our rollercoaster game provide the opportunity to directly online But do you know how did this attraction?Immerse yourself in the history of the game roller coaster – start from the start In the mid-18th century, the Russian scientist-engineer Andrey Nartov invented for Peter a unique design, which was called "mechanical roller coaster" For some reason industrial production has developed only a few decades later Surprisingly, it became the basis for the attraction, which the French called "roller coaster" Later it was renamed the "roller coaster" is Already in 1884 in new York city residents and visitors had the opportunity to ride on the first mechanical roller coaster with rails They are distinguished by special trucks on rollers In 1987, a similar attraction has been installed in Japan Since it occurs in different cities and games roller coaster allowed to transfer it into a virtual format But the story does not end there – today, "above" does not mean better In new Jersey there is a roller coaster "Kingda Ka" is the tallest, large and high-speed ride in this category in the world At the highest point mark is 139 meters, and trolley with passengers able to accelerate to 206 km/h! Want to survive this drive? Then run our game roller coaster! In Las Vegas has the Stratosphere Casino and the top platform are Roller coaster "Insanity" true to its name (it translates as "the madness), they are open booths, which are located at an altitude of about 270 meters above the ground and rotated at a speed of 64 kilometers/hour Is a great way to enjoy the view of Las Vegas and the opportunity to get a heart attack So choose games roller coaster – here you are guaranteed only the best experience!

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