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The life of the main character of the animated film "Rio" is not to be envied – from an early age he was abducted by the smugglers and it tried to take for sale. However, a miracle happened, and the cell with Honey (the name of the main character) accidentally fell out and picked up her little girl and left to live Darling. Do not assume that Rio is the name of the main character, in fact it means a reduction from Rio de Janeiro, where, in fact, happen and all the events of the cartoon.

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Games Rio, posted on our website online and completely free, takes you into the colorful world of good and evil, just and unjust cases, friends and enemies you have the opportunity to be in the shoes of a cute parrot and feel that they had to go on the way to the dream Games Rio is a colorful, dynamic, interesting and exciting game that will not leave, thanks to its storyline, indifferent now run any game you like and try to save one of a kind parrot of Blu from poachers, teach him how to fly, paint it or pick the main character to suit his style the Storyline of the cartoon "Rio"the Storyline is based on adventure two unique species of parrot – Blue macaw In the world there are only two representative, and therefore their value is very important due to certain circumstances, male and female Blue macaws were stolen by smugglers smuggled them out of the country, However, a miracle happened and during transport of the rear door of the car opened and the cage fell on the road Girl Linda accidentally found a parrot and gave it the name – Honey (according to the color of its fur is blue) As many as 15 years, Linda Darling lived, but for all the time and have not learned to fly To Linda coming Brazilian ornithologist Tulio Monteiro and persuades the girl with the Dove I fly out to Rio de Janeiro, because her parrot is the last of its kind, the male Linda agrees and, together with the ornithologist and Blu fly to Rio where the blue parrot met his life companion is a Jewel and falls in love at first sight, However, the female does not reciprocates his feelings, because desires freedom and wants to live in the jungle, and not in a cage Blu does not share her views and between them was a conflict When night fell the cockatoos have called in sick and told the poachers about the presence of the set – a female and a male Blue macaw Poachers sneak in and kidnap the parrot again Thanks to the skills of Honey and Pearls, the guys were able to get out of the cage and escape Together, they have the whole night to spend in the jungle Tooley and Professor and ornithologist Tulio unsuccessfully looking for the missing animals In the future, thanks to the help of wild animals, parrots were able to get home, and then left to live in the wild, jewel gave him a kiss to Honey and the thought of his desire to fly and flew up the Characters animated film "Rio"Animals The Blu parrot-the male blue macaw — the main character of the cartoon a Perfect day for the Blu — cooking pancakes for Pearls and their kids and lie on the sofa watching a football match When it appeared that there are more blue macaws, he reluctantly agrees to find them unlike his family that wants to stay forever with wild relatives, the more Honey to taste with a nice house and he wants to return to Rio, but finds out what this will do is not so easy a pearl — parrot-female blue macaws Rafael — great Toucan Pedro krasnogora cardinaleway oatmeal Nico — Kenar Louis — bulldog-dog Nigel is a big geltonoji cockatoo eve — rainbow Toucan — wife of Rafael Mauro — common marmoset — the leader of the apes KIPO — pink spoonbill Alice and Chloe — Canada goose People Linda — the owner of Blu túlio — the ornithologist Fernando — the boy who previously improvised Marseille Marseille — poacher Armando — Marcel's henchman — Type improvised Marseille Silvio guard Interesting facts about the cartoon "Rio"grossed an animated film, this amounted to approximately five hundred million dollars According to General estimates, the animated film "Rio" takes a step 33, among the highest-grossing feature-length cartoons Based on the storyline of the cartoon "Rio" the developers of the famous game Angry Birds have released a new version of the game – Angry Birds Rio is actually a parrot Blue macaw blue head, and white the Blu and Nigel's lack of claw on the paws and Pearls 2 claw — real homemade cockatoo and macaw 4 claw, wild — even 5 at a time, like the aforementioned cartoon characters — 3 of the claw the claw, the Sequel to "Rio" - "Rio 2" (2012 release)In 2011, the Director of the animated series, Carlos Saldanha has given unique interview to the newspaper "The New York Times" in which he confessed, what began writing the script for the next series of feature-length animated film "Rio 2" In 2012, this film saw the whole misogyny line is based on the story of blue macaws – Blu and Jewel They live in the wild in Rio de Janeiro they already have kids, and the guys don't complain about life But in one moment everything changed – the authorities gave permission for logging Blu, jewel, Tulio, Linda, and other inhabitants of the wild nature have decided to protest and to do everything possible to save the logging together, Tulio, Linda and flattering residents dealt not only with performers, but their organizers and the Forest is saved and the main characters return to a quiet life

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