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Perhaps every gamer who has ever had a game console, Nintendo or Sony Playstation, familiar game Rayman: Raving Rabbids, which received the second name "Mad Bunnies". It is fun and funny computer game, developed in 2006, and won unprecedented popularity among users worldwide.

Raving Rabbids Games - Play Online For Free!

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The main characters of the game Mad rabbits are small, curious, and hilarious little animals that walk on two legs, sing, do dance moves, and screaming: "AHHH!!!" attack the enemy Today, the game Rabid rabbits bring together a large collection of flash games for every taste, where everyone will find funny and amusing entertainment that will brighten gray days and will bring into your life a little more fun and positive Game Rabid rabbits are mostly humorous stories, which should be treated with a huge dose of irony and unassuming Here you will find exciting puzzles, turn-based strategy and large-scale companies All your free time you will have lightning speed to pound on the keyboard to perform tasks on the speed and reaction time to fend off cavemen, fighting with toilet paper, throw eggs, and even try to fly to the moon needless to say that due to some populatity these little funny creatures, you have to make the effort to make something happen?!Download game Mad rabbits on our website, choose an occupation and help favorite characters to cope with any challenges!

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