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The game Rangers and the Samurai quickly conquered not only children but also adults, thanks to its exciting and interesting plot, thoughtful characters and the actors playing their roles, and well-chosen musical accompaniment. The game Rangers and Samurai posted on our website free of charge and without registration, will help to plunge into a completely different world. A world in which you fight for justice and freedom. Games hosted on our website perfectly convey the atmosphere of the film series "power Rangers Samurai".

Power rangers Games - Play Online For Free!

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Special mission Special mission
Bloodthirsty vermin Bloodthirsty vermin
The fate of the planet The fate of the planet
Staff of wizardry Staff of wizardry
The attack on the The attack on the
Huge worms Huge worms
Submarine base Submarine base
Deep sea Deep sea
The flight of the enemy The flight of the enemy
The force of the blow The force of the blow
Mountain motocross Mountain motocross
Forward power Rangers Forward power Rangers
Dress Up Power Rangers Samurai Dress Up Power Rangers Samurai
The craziest race The craziest race
The evil Dr. Mercer The evil Dr. Mercer
The enemy territory The enemy territory
Archery Archery
Training Training
Mehafors Mehafors
Protection from evil and cruelty Protection from evil and cruelty
The army of enemies The army of enemies
Salvation from the enemy Salvation from the enemy
Ninja storm Ninja storm
The gate of darkness The gate of darkness
Earth monsters Earth monsters
Moto race Moto race
Power Rangers samurai Power Rangers samurai
Legacy mega power Legacy mega power
Transformation Transformation
Knight Knight
Stone prison Stone prison
Academy of protection Academy of protection
The heavenly city The heavenly city
Skateboard Skateboard
Baseball Baseball
Visit of Rangers Visit of Rangers
Monster house Monster house
Cartoon character Cartoon character
The devil hunter The devil hunter
Dress the Ranger Dress the Ranger

You, together with their Japanese colleagues, going back a decade, begin again the struggle for justice and gettin ' on protection of the weak, the Developers of the game Rangers and the Samurai tried to glory, because where you're going to see games that attract even without knowledge of the storyline of the cartoon? The storyline of the TV series "power Rangers Samurai""power Rangers Samurai" is the eighteenth season of Power Rangers Every season tells us that in the world come new heroes, which melts at the service of good and become the power Rangers, Their main mission – fighting for justice, and destroy the bandits and villains Each character – a Ranger – has its own unique color Ranger is considered to be the Main hero in a red suit In each series the characters of the series fighting against monsters created or hired to serve the main villain At the end of the season, often Power Rangers Gaurav win the eighteenth season of "power Rangers" all the action takes place in Japan Storyline is tied in Japanese monsters – niloko trying to take over the world and they've defeated return Back to our world, go against them heroes-the power Rangers samurai Main characters of "power Rangers Samurai"As mentioned above, with each new season of "power Rangers" the main characters are changed to Present you the main characters of the eighteenth season: Jayden Shiba red Ranger Is the most important and the leader of the samurai Shiba responsible, secretive but Long to conceal from his friends his secret, because he was deprived of the status of the leader Later, Jayden's sister Lauren returned his leader status and again appointed red Ranger Lauren Shiba is the older sister of Jaden Is a true red Ranger, but the leader gave to his brother Kevin Douglas blue Ranger Kevin, a responsible, disciplined and serious about training Feature – goes to bed last and wakes up first MIA Watanabe pink Ranger prefers cooking, but she is, in fact, no matter the Rest of the Rangers refuse to eat her food but MIA did not say MIA is a very kind girl and sings very beautiful Mike Fernandez – green Ranger Mike is the cheerful and mischievous member of the team, unlike Jayden and Kevin, relates to training can't be serious Emily Stewart – the yellow Ranger actually, older sister Emily is a Siren was supposed to be the yellow Ranger, but due to illness, this right passed to her younger sister Emily is a Beautiful and charming girl, which beautifully plays the flute Antonio Garcia – the gold Ranger Is the best friend of the leader of the samurai – Jayden Loves to fish and fish in his spare time sings of Game Rangers and Samurai posted on our website absolutely for free and without registration will let you along with your favorite characters, listed above, to engage in mortal combat against a Supreme evil that has encroached on the peace of the people of Japan Choose your role – one of six colors – and start the training, Remember that the higher your skill, the greater the probability of winning in a fight with the monsters Learn to work in a team with his friends, and win not pass in the game.

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