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At first glance it seems that this game is some strange miracle, originally from Japan, but after the first run, to get away from this miracle is almost impossible.

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Kaka lo COI Kaka lo COI
For girls POU For girls POU
To take care of POU To take care of POU
Cooking POU Cooking POU
Cheerful baby POU Cheerful baby POU
POU real cooking POU real cooking
Girl POU - bath day Girl POU - bath day
POU Car Wash POU Car Wash
Kisses Kisses
POU likes candy POU likes candy
POU repairing spacecraft POU repairing spacecraft
POU class POU class
Cleaning room Cleaning room
POU shaving POU shaving
Maid in class Maid in class
Lovely couple Lovely couple
Cover POU 2 Cover POU 2
Makeup POU Makeup POU
Cooking a hot dog Cooking a hot dog
Hanging POU Hanging POU
Hunting for monsters Hunting for monsters
POU karting POU karting
At POU baby At POU baby
Dirty girl POU Dirty girl POU
POU girl sculpts snowman POU girl sculpts snowman
POU and POU girl at the dentist POU and POU girl at the dentist
Halloween Halloween
POU in Disneyland POU in Disneyland
POU farmer POU farmer
POU is preparing Raffaello POU is preparing Raffaello
Injured POU Injured POU
POU cooking pizza POU cooking pizza
Delivery Delivery
Girl POU - transformation Girl POU - transformation
Treatment of influenza Treatment of influenza
Adventure Of POU Adventure Of POU
Salvation POU Salvation POU
POU is preparing pancakes POU is preparing pancakes
POU girl makeover POU girl makeover

Game developers POU really tried, because in front of you exist all of the tools you should use to normal life your little creatures Feeding bathing Walking in the fresh air Sleep sports game Treatment, if it will suddenly require a Large number of hairstyles, costumes and hats On the storyline, our main character POU is a little alien creature, which needs human care From the beginning your character is small, but with each level will continue to grow On your every action, your athlete will respond differently to feeding, it will get dirty, while swimming is to splash around or just get sick POU behaves very whimsical and happy will make you bathe him, feed, heal or play Remember, from now on your responsibility is the life of another creature Now, every day you will need to feed that POU was not bad, and he is not sick, and this, incidentally, is a very big responsibility Remember about elementary rules of hygiene After your pupil is constantly clean and monitor his condition The main thing is healthy sleep Wish your darling good night and turn off the lights Now and you can relax, but don't forget in the morning to Wake him up and feed POU Games also contain a large amount of food for every taste, Be careful, because if it is often to feed, he will get fat, but certain foods may cause disease also Experiment with chemical essences, with which you can quickly replenish its energy, fully restoring power or force him to lose a few extra pounds POU Game is indeed an exciting game, in which you will need to take responsibility So do not procrastinate, start now and get yourself your alien pet, guarding his rest day and night

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