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Puppy patrol is a canadian-American animated film aimed at children of preschool age. This cartoon provoked popular among not only preschool children, but more adults. The Creator of the cartoon "Puppy patrol" is considered Kate Campen, and the first series was released in August 2013. The plot of the game is that the unusual team of puppies are traveling and rushing to help all those who are in trouble. Real heroes will help everyone: the cat that climbed a tree and is unable to jump off it, lost in the woods mushroom or the driver, caught in the storm.

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Game Puppy patrol posted on our site totally free and does not require registration, will definitely appeal to all those who love interesting and colorful cartoons with unusual and intriguing plot and interesting types of characters, Specially for you we selected the best online game Puppy patrol, but you have just genre games on our site are interactive puzzles where you will need to show their intellectual abilities, sports games, adventure games, arcade games and many other genres Along with a faithful team of puppies you will be able to help a large number of people and animals, in trouble do Not hesitate! Read the story, if you haven't seen this animated film, learn the characteristics of each puppy and go to the aid of all who need it in the Storyline of the animated movie "Puppy patrol"the Storyline of the cartoon very simple the Main characters become the parents of seven puppies – chase, Marshall, rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, and Everest (the last puppy, by the way, appeared only in season 2) Each puppies has their own unique abilities and weaknesses, but together they are unbeatable team ready at any time of the day to go to the rescue of all those who need help with them saving deals and a ten year old boy Ryder, who is very well versed in technology and helps the puppies in their missions, the Characters of the cartoon "Puppy patrol"Name: chase Breed: German shepherd Specialty: Police pup Personality: Using his police truck and megaphone, this German shepherd is a true born leader who likes to take responsibility chase is the leader of the whole team patrol pups Due to their extraordinary sense of smell, Chase tracks down the offenders the Only disadvantage of puppy is allergic to cats and feathers, but on the skills of surveillance, this disadvantage has no impactThe slogan: "Chase the case!" "These legs uphold the law!" Postproduction: Tristan Samuel (Season 1); Max Calinescu (Season 2) Name: Marshall Breed: Dalmatian Specialty: fire Personality: Marshall - a real fire puppy leisure time spent in the fire station, has its own private fire truck Marshall - a favorite of birds, especially his love Fuzzy, Chikaletta and chicken slogan, "I'm fired up!" "Ready to ruff ruff-help!" "I'm fine!" (Especially after the fall) Postproduction: Gage Munroe (Season 1); Drew Davis (Season 2) Name: Rocky Breed: Mongrel dog Specialty: Recycler / Repairman Person: Rocky - an indispensable member of the team of patrol puppies, because under his feet, he always keeps a large amount of resources Thanks to it, the whole team gets a different tools and things to help in the investigation and suppression of intruders Its main drawback - the fear of water (hydrophobia), Rocky is not terribly fond of water and bath in one of the series he was able to overcome his fear to clear and get to the exhibition of dogs slogan: "Green means go!", "Do not lose it, this item can be used in the future! " Postproduction: Stuart Ralston Name: Crushed Breed: English Bulldog Specialty: Construction of Personality: Crushed stone is rough, but attractive English bulldog, who knows all about skateboards and snowboards As an experienced builder, Rubble He likes to dig a big fan of dogs super heroes - "Apollo Super Puppy" and trying to imitate He likes to get dirty, and then take a bath slogan: "Rubble on the double," "Let's dig!" "One less hassle Rubble on the double!" Postproduction: Devan Cohen Name: Sky Breed: Cocker Poodle Specialty: Aviation Personality: Sky fearless and clever cocker poodle who loves to fly in a helicopter or with wings, which he did Sky - is the only girl in the team patrol puppies Her love of flying supported by solid knowledge Aviation, which makes it an experienced member of the team Loves dancing and tricks slogan: "Let the sky!", "This puppy should fly!" "Oh no, not good" Postproduction: Holly Callan Name: Zuma Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever Specialty: Water Personality: Puppy Zuma knows everything about water more than anything loves to laugh and overcome the waves on his surfboard Because of his love for the water, Zuma is a specialist diving most often appears in missions in which the puppies need to save someone from the water or pursue criminals in "wet" conditions slogan: "Let's dive", "!" Ready to get wet? "Voice: Alex Thorne Name: Everest Breed: Husky [*] Specialization: Snow or ice Personality: Everest - a puppy Husky, who loves someone to rescue He always has a lot of energy, and he always wants to play his best friend - Jake Husky Everest dyubit tasty meal slogan: "The ice or snow, I'm ready to go!" Postproduction: Berkeley Silverman Flash games Puppy Patrol posted on our site will allow you to have fun with their faithful friends should not delay, start the game right now and go to the aid of all those who need it colorful and full of mission, a large number of puzzles and interesting stories - that's what awaits you after the game zapuskaPriyatnoy!

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