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We live in a world that wherever we are, everywhere we are surrounded by neighbors. The neighbors, of course, are different. One is calm and quiet, while others only give a reason to quarrel and shout. Game neighbours from hell is the best option to vent his anger and not to spoil the end of the relationship with these neighbours. These games provide dozens of ways to get revenge and much to annoy the man living next.

Neighbours from Hell Games - Play Online For Free!

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Game how to get a neighbor posted on our site totally free and requires no registration, is very diverse For example, you can throw small explosives in the cake, pre-giving it to my neighbor, to warm up the egg in a neighbor's microwave or sneak into the house of his neighbor, and set an alarm in a place where it will be hard to find Ways – dozens of them! Develop your own imagination, develop new methods and use them in practice, You annoy your neighbors with your eternal repair at seven o'clock in the morning? Eternal screaming and stomping their children? Songs karaoke and loud entertainment until late at night? A knock on the batteries already last a long time! Feel free to run the game how to get neighbour on our website and will receive moral satisfaction from the abuse of your neighbour of Course, your anger and negative energy need to vent, but this is best done on our site! Game neighbours from hell is a kind of game, preventing stress Try to start the game and you will see that life will become much easier for Different versions of the game "neighbours from hell"There are several versions of the game "neighbours from hell" version for the PC version for consoles and FLASH games posted on our website Each version has its own characteristics, which we now discuss "Neighbours from hell" for Personal Computer (PC) The PC version is one of the most complete versions of this game Contains 14 full episodes divided into 3 seasons, Each episode is a unique story with different tasks and levels of complexity the First season contains 6 episodes, the second and the third, four In the first episode you as the main character, opened the following locations – kitchen, living room, hall and a bathroom it tends to occur exclusively in these locations In the second season opens up new bedroom and a balcony So you continue the game in the previous locations, and start newIn the third season, added more new locations - private office and a basement Thus, the game does not get monotonous, since moving from level to level, from episode to episode, you will always discover new locations, new levels and new jobs Woody - is the protagonist game "Neighbours", which you and will manage in each episode of history repeating itself - you penetrate into the house of his neighbor, and look for those things that will help you to it as much as possible to spoil developers warn that in real life it is better not to repeat what you are doing in the game, because such actions can not only cause serious physical harm to the health of your neighbor but also may cause more serious consequences, including death All of your actions are watching fictional audience, which evaluate your actions Remember that you need in any way to do so so as not to catch the eye of your neighbor If this happens, you will be severely beaten and sent to repeat the episode from the beginning If you want to get an estimate of the audience 100%, the level of anger neighbor should not cool down after the previous job Remember that a neighbor's house have pets, which may also react to you and to call a neighbor about the noise This is why you need to be as careful and sneak into a neighbor's house on tiptoe, also, you have the ability to hide in the closet, under the bed or in the room in which your neighbor ever does not go through a variety of objects (for the dog whistle or by phone), you can divert from its neighbor's affairs and do more mischief Once you pass absolutely all the episodes, you are together with the main character Woody received a statuette, depending on how the audience reacted to your action The greater the percentage of the audience admired the better statue - bronze, silver or gold Versions of the game "Neighbours from Hell" for the console This version differs from the previous version of the game, because it contains more episodes - 26 levels in the console versions no rating spectators, but significantly increased the role of the scale of anger neighbor counter scales anger neighbor resets, if the neighbor you somehow noticed Furthermore, interesting appearance is a mini-game that with a sense inscribed in the game this way, besides the main story you are offered a mini-game in which you will learn to pick locks, start the car, and a variety of other jobs characters and protagonists of "Neighbours" Games "How Neighbours "contain a small number of characters, but each in his own charismatic and unique Woody - the main character, which you will control throughout the game I decided to take revenge on his neighbor for all the bullying and invited the production team, to his shame saw all Country Mr. Rottweiler (or neighbor) - the object of bullying Woody Foul by nature type, is always happy to quarreling and quarreling dog, parrot Chile and Piggy - is pets Mr. Rottweiler Dog - untidy animal sleeps on the floor in the kitchen, always barks if the house is someone else's Joe - a fictional character who plays the role of director of the show, which starred Woody and Mr. Rottweiler

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