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As mentioned above, Mortal Kombat is a series of computer games created in 1992 by the developers of ed Bown and John Tobias. Game mortal Kombat is known worldwide for not only quality graphics, elaborate storyline and a suitable musical accompaniment, but also a high level of violence and Fatality, which we describe in more detail later.

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The beginning of the tournament The beginning of the tournament
Funny mortal Kombat Funny mortal Kombat
Brutal fight Brutal fight
Monster arena Monster arena
The forces of evil The forces of evil
Slums Slums
Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 2
Chinatown Chinatown
Masters tournament Masters tournament
Bloodsport Bloodsport
The best fighter The best fighter
The annual tournament The annual tournament
Vs zombies Vs zombies
Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 3 Mortal Kombat 3
Mascot battle Mascot battle
Acute battle Acute battle
Political mortal Kombat Political mortal Kombat

Especially for you by the editors of the website selected the best mortal Kombat game because of them, you can download to your computer hard distributions a full game and not buying the joysticks are All you need to do is fire up your favorite game and enter into mortal combat with the legendary characters of the play Functions of the system of Fatality in the game Mortal Kombat One of the most prominent systems working in this game is Fatality Fatality is an action character, you play against already defeated the player, the Developers have presented the game mortal Kombat to a new level and with this system the List of the main features Fatality: With weapons, with bare hands or jerk the character tears off the head of his opponent With a jet of fire ignites the character of his opponent and his body is charred So, for example, the character Scorpion Fatality during takes off his mask and throws flames from his mouth at the opponent With arms, hands, telekinesis or other powers, the character squeezes his opponent until such force that crushes his Character blasts the enemy For example, Sticker undermines your opponent jumps out of the way and waits for his explosion, using the physical strength of the character peels off the skin with another live opponent Character eats another character, the Hero kills his opponent and commits suicide There are also alternatives to the classic Fatality: Friendship (translation: friendship) – after losing, your character offers to the enemy a friendship Babality (translation: "the infancy") is a loser turns into a baby Animality (translation: "going berserk") – winner is transformed into a hideous beast and tearing to pieces the loser Brutality ("brutality") is a character destroys his opponent through a long and complicated combos Hara-Kiri (translated: "harakiri") is a special technique that allows the loser to prevent the massacre on themselves and commit suicide earlier than his opponent will finish the fight For more than twenty years of mortal Kombat game hold leading positions and do not lose their former popularity of a Company engaged in the development and production of this game, do not get tired to produce new updated version of this game, increasing the quality, number of characters and their characteristics of the Game mortal Kombat, at the moment are the standard computer fights, famous not only for children but also for adults Millions of players around the world enter into mortal combat with your opponents learn a dozen new features available characters and get pleasure from the game, We invite you to join them now absolutely for free and without registratieproces game!

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