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Do you like funny games and funny situations? Dear play others and is always faithful followers? So, you will certainly enjoy playing minions, which are presented on our site! Games minions - this Action, coloring, arcade and puzzle main characters of which are unusual bright yellow creature so beloved by audiences animated film "Despicable Me." Wonderful, hilariously funny and charismatic assistant super-villain named Gru will not let you get bored and happy to take part in a variety of amusements.

Minions Games - Play Online For Free!

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Flying minion Flying minion
Minion the plumber Minion the plumber
Minion Tim Minion Tim
Adventure - Despicable me 2 Adventure - Despicable me 2
Minions - puzzles Minions - puzzles
Minions fly to the moon Minions fly to the moon
Minion driver Minion driver
Minions firefighters Minions firefighters
Mignon cooking pork tenderloin Mignon cooking pork tenderloin
At the reception Laura At the reception Laura
The minion heals the ear The minion heals the ear
Mignon at the hairdresser Mignon at the hairdresser
Minion on rocket Minion on rocket
Minions forward Minions forward
Minion at the dentist Minion at the dentist
Brain surgery Brain surgery
Shooting Shooting

Game minions – a whole category of flash games that are incredibly popular both among children and their parents, the Minions were invented about five years ago, when on the screens out cartoon "Despicable me", about the adventures of a devious GRU and his army portable These unusual creatures came to light as a result of a failed scientific experiment and actively supported his master in a variety of situations Game minions is a fun and exciting adventure, in which with an enviable regularity are the main characters You will be able to participate in exciting races, to repel a missile attack, put the fire out, play Golf and even to go to the moon you will Also have to clean my room, find various items, and if your favorite yellow pustic get sick, then send it to an appointment with a therapist, optometrist or Stomatologiya game minions on our website, upload them in the browser, and are guaranteed to boost your good mood!

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