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Minecraft is popular all over the world computer game made in the genre sandbox. This game was developed by the Swedish programmer Markus Persson. The entire game consists of so called blocks, i.e. all players, landscape elements, and various in-game items and mobs done in low resolution 16x16 pixels. Minecraft games – this is a huge world of possibilities that is hard to imagine an ordinary person. It is worth to say that the game itself has little weight. This is due to low graphic resolution of 16x16 pixels.

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This game is widely popular all over the world in 2011 appeared the first beta version of this game for personal computers, in 2014, this game is supported by almost all consoles and platforms, including mobile (Android and Apple iOS) it Should be clarified that previously the game was only available for a single game, at the moment there are versions for network or local games Minecraft Games allow you, as the player, to create various structures and objects in the form of blocks and do with them whatever he wants, including destroy Playing on dedicated servers in multiplayer mode, you can together with other players to create fantastic structures Respond to a single question: "have You ever thought about what it would be nice to live in a perfect world"? Unfortunately, the realities of modern life that a utopian (perfect) society simply does not exist'll Agree that sometimes you want to move in a completely different world, in which everything will be as it was created by you Games Minecraft is the only product that can carry out all your desires with this computer game you will be able to construct the fantasy world in which they themselves would like to live in the Storyline of the game Minecraft is very simple Appearing in the virtual world, you will see how your hometown epic explodes Traveling around the world you will find a new place where you can settle And then, finally, you found it! Your task – to rebuild a new city as you wish Choose a style for every taste – classic, modern or Gothic to Create all conditions for life is only one task, because you will need to protect its population from various irritants, which is not just the Name of the main character – Steve, you are a young entrepreneurYour first task - to help the protagonist get to the point where you would like to build a new city and protect it from various kinds of dangerous games Maynkraft allow you to plunge into a completely different world, to feel yourself as an artist, creating a new virtual world in front of millions of others people Historical Development MineCraftPervye steps in the development of the game, which in a few years became a bestseller started making Swedish game developer and programmer Markus Persson in 2009. Within 2 years the world saw the first beta version of the game for personal computers then began a rapid adaptation to different platforms and operating systems:  In August 2011, the world saw the first version of the game Maynkraft for mobile phones in October for smartphone operating system Android, and more in a month - for Apple iOS In May 2012, the world saw this game on another platform - xBox In December 2013 game Maynkraft been fully adapted to another console - PlayStation 3, in 2014, this game has been adapted to the new version of the console Xbox One and PlayStation 4 interesting fact that in 2014 the company, which owned the rights to a computer game Maynkraft was sold to Microsoft Corp. for 2.5 billion gaming protsessIgry Maynkraft include your gameplay just four game modes - a creative mode, hardcore, survival and adventure mode Each of these modes, we consider now! Creative Mode In this mode, you have access to absolutely all the charm of this game his whole essence aims exclusively on creative moment So you will not get a different kind of damage from the mobs, and all the game items will be opened to you in full mode "Hardcore" This mode is meant by a complicated mechanism of the game so you have only one life, lost her world built you will be automatically deleted distinctive feature of this regime is the inability to install the complexity only thing you can do - is to include "peace regime" and mobs will be renewed much slower mode vyzhivanieRezhim survival is the most classic, since it is there you will need to be self-produce all the necessary construction resources and subjects with these objects, you can create other objects that produce a natural way it is impossible Note that in survival mode, there are mobs that are in the dark certainly attack you Regulate the difficulty of the game, turn, or turn off the "peaceful" mode and try to first darkness create a refuge of his character needed from time to time to feed and restore his health regimen priklyucheniyaRezhim adventure is one of the most interesting in this game this mode you can create your own maps there are also other notable features - Breaking Blocks can be exclusively dedicated tools Maynkraft games featured on our site for free and do not require registration, will take you to a completely different world, will help build an alternate fantastic reality, the owner of which is the name of you! Invite your friends and together with them to create entire villages, cities and countries

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